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  • Elliott jin
    Elliott Jin
    Software Engineer, Dropbox

    What I like about Triplebyte is how much thought they put into the interviewing process -- not just accepting how things have always been done. The personal touch is what really blew me away. The Triplebyte team spent hours on the phone with me, talking about exactly what I was looking for, and ended up matching me with companies I'd not thought of myself, but that were a great fit. I interviewed at four companies, and all made offers. I accepted Dropbox, because their strong engineering culture was what I was looking for.

  • Emily cutts worthington
    Aubrey Cutts Worthington
    Software Engineer, Flexport

    Before using Triplebyte, it was hard to get anyone to respond to me. I was a CS grad in Australia, and US companies just screened me out. The Triplebyte process was great in contrast. I did the quiz and interview, and then got matched with a bunch of companies (big ones like Dropbox down to small ones). Triplebyte gave me immigration advice, and flew me in for interviews. I interviewed at 5 companies, and got 5 offers. I ended up accepting a job at Flexport, because they are exciting and growing really quickly.