About Triplebyte

We believe the current technical hiring process doesn't do enough to help engineers show their strengths. We're dedicated to building a better process. You can read more about our views on hiring in our manifesto.

The Team


Harj Taggar CEO, Founder

Harj was previously the first partner brought in at Y Combinator since its founding. Before that he was a YC founder, co-founding Auctomatic which was acquired by Livecurrent Media. He moved to San Francisco from London in 2007.


Ammon Bartram Chief Data Officer, Founder

Ammon was lead video developer at Justin.tv, before co-founding Socialcam in 2011 with Guillaume Luccisano and Michael Seibel. Socicalcam was acquired by Autodesk in 2012 for $60m. He eats persimmons and enjoys cryptography.


Guillaume Luccisano CTO, Founder

Guillaume is a French software engineer. He previously co-founded Socialcam, a W12 YC startup. Acquired by Autodesk for $60M.


Buck Shlegeris Engineer

Buck is an Australian software engineer. He previously worked at App Academy and as a Scala developer at PayPal. He enjoys advanced data structures and functional programming.


Chen Pang Engineer

Chen previously worked at Autodesk for about 5 years on quite a few products, including Socialcam after it was acquired. He grew up in China, spent 6 years in Singapore, and moved to San Francisco in 2013.

Michelle lai

Michelle Lai Talent Manager

Michelle has transformed her career from QA Engineer at Pixar and Eventbrite to establishing Career Services at Hackbright and Galvanize (SF) for over 300 Web Developers and Data Scientists. She is wildly passionate about supporting candidates through the process of making career decisions. Dives with sea lions, Vespa's the Mission.

Bec profile

Bec Lai Product Designer

Bec is a product designer with a computer science background. She has worked with several early-stage startups, including Tilt (crowd-funding platform) and The League (mobile dating app). She enjoys watching indie and animated films.


Daniel de Haas Engineer

Daniel was previously one of the first engineers at zyBooks. He likes to spend his free time playing ping pong and riding dirtbikes.


Kent Ross Engineer

Kent is a self-taught software engineer from Seattle, working on data science and back-end. He's interested in complex games, fast computers, and stuff that involves tens of millions of anything.