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Front-end Tests for Hiring Engineers

The front-end quiz assesses a candidate's understanding of web development within a web page loaded in a user's browser. They’re asked questions about things like styling and how JavaScript interacts with the DOM of a web page. This content does not focus on the details of JavaScript as a language, which are covered in more detail on our JavaScript language quiz. Topics on this quiz contain questions that assess both theoretical knowledge and practical use of front-end technologies, especially JavaScript and major JavaScript libraries, CSS, and HTTP.

The front-end assessment tests an engineer's conceptual understanding of general front-end development, independent of any specific framework.

What skills does the Front-end test cover?

•  Understanding of how JavaScript, CSS, and HTTP requests work under the hood
• Ability to reason through the trade-offs between different front-end implementations
• Ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions that are efficient and correct
• Ability to accurately understand and describe the JavaScript event loop
• Understanding and is able to work with modern JavaScript approaches like immutable data structures and functional programming
• Understanding of CSS specificity, responsive design, and advanced styling techniques-
• Familiarity with common HTTP verbs

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Test Overview

  • How long it takes to complete this skill block:
    This section takes 15 minutes to complete
  • Role this block is best suited for:

    • Front-end Engineers
    • Full-stack Engineers

  • Related skill blocks:

    • Back-end
    • JavaScript
    • React

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VP of Engineering, Ava Labs

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