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React Tests for Hiring Engineers

This quiz assesses a candidate's understanding of React (as distinct from general JavaScript or front-end development). It tests basics like creating components and props, managing state, and event handling, and continues to more advanced topics like performance profiling and Hooks.

The react assessment tests a candidate's understanding of behavior and use-cases of common algorithms and the data structures that support them.

What skills does the React test cover?

• Ability to define elements, components, and props using the JSX syntax. Use these to produce a basic static page.
• Creation and manipulation of React state. Add local state to components, hoist global state to root nodes. Understand React's state model and manipulate state correctly (e.g. avoiding direct state mutation).
• Ability to use event handling to take user input and update page contents.
• Use of composition to define components in terms of other components that share functionality.
• Ability to profile the resource usage of a React app. Understand common performance issues and the appropriate solutions.
• Ability to use Hooks to simplify stateful logic and component hierarchies and know how to convert between Hooks-based and traditional React architecture.

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Test Overview

  • How long it takes to complete this skill block:
    This section takes 15 minutes to complete
  • Role this block is best suited for:

    • Front-end or full-stack engineering positions working in a React codebase

  • Related skill blocks:

    • JavaScript
    • Front-end Engineering

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