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From Literature to Coding: How I Broke Into The Software Industry

By Triplebyte on Aug 19, 2019

Kevin Singleton is now a software engineer at Vanta, a startup that develops a security software package for other tech companies. But until 2017, Kevin was a scholar of Japanese culture pursuing a career in academia; he even attended Harvard to obtain a Master’s in East Asian Studies and earned a Ph.D. in Japanese Literature from Stanford. After following that path for a number of years, he decided that he wanted to chart a different course with his life. Although he had a minor in Computer Science from his undergraduate days and a persistent interest in coding as a hobby, he had no credentials, experience, or contacts in the tech industry to get his foot in the door. On a whim, Kevin decided to take our technical screen—and crushed it. With Triplebyte to vouch for him, he was invited to eleven on-sites and received multiple offers. After he settled into his new role at Vanta—his first ever in the field of software engineering—we caught up with Kevin to talk about his experiences.

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Working on Diversity at Triplebyte

By Harj Taggar on Jul 19, 2019

We're hiring a Head of Diversity to help us make the technology industry more welcoming to people of different backgrounds.

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Want to hire the best programmers? Offer growth.

By Triplebyte on Jul 16, 2019

We've interviewed thousands of engineers for jobs at small startups and tech giants. Here's what they've told us they want in their next job, broken down by experience level, gender, and skill.

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Announcing our $35 million Series B

By Triplebyte on Apr 11, 2019

We’re excited to announce we’ve raised a $35 million Series B led by Ali Rowghani, CEO of YC Continuity. Also joining in the round are Founders Fund, led by Brian Singerman of. Ali will join Ammon, Guillaume, Garry Tan and myself on our board.

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How I Got a Full-time Programming Job at 19

By Charles Treichler on Mar 28, 2019

As a young person without a degree and with little prior professional experience, it's hard to demonstrate the skills you have. But, because Triplebyte is resume-blind and entirely focused on what you can do, it allowed me to demonstrate that I have the ability to build real things.

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CS Degrees Are Mostly Just Signaling - An Interview With Economist Bryan Caplan

By Charles Treichler on Mar 18, 2019

The main thing I'd say about computer science is that [programmers] have a self-concept of being totally skills-driven, but if you actually look at employment in computer science, that's not how it works. Degrees from leading schools really do seem to matter. They really do seem to open doors.

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How to Refactor Your Finances - An Interview With a Programmer Who Retired at 34

By Charles Treichler on Mar 4, 2019

I'm sure a lot of developers would agree that refactoring is the best part of writing code—because you can make it super efficient and make every line useful. I think the same principles can be applied to your financial life and your life in general. If you're super efficient with your spending, and you're making a software engineering salary, then money piles up quite quickly. That's why I think there are so many software engineers in the FIRE community. They are used to systems and algorithms and efficiency, and it's like you're applying all those things to your financial life. You're refactoring your life pretty much all the time, which is just great and can get you to FIRE really quickly.

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How Triplebyte Made Me More Confident as a Self-Taught Programmer

By Charles Treichler (Interviewer) on Feb 28, 2019

[Triplebyte's process] seemed too good to be true, and I wondered where the catch was. But after some thought, I could see how it made sense. Companies are looking for people with skills and aren't necessarily looking as much at credentials, especially in Silicon Valley. I was really apprehensive about whether I'd actually get any interviews with companies. And then, even if I got interviews, if I would get any offers. It hadn't even crossed my mind that I would have to choose between offers. But I got three offers, and that was a really cool experience.

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