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The AI Skills Generalist Engineers Should Consider Learning

By Daniel Bean on May 22, 2020

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are growing more and more integral across almost every part of software. The way that’s translating to the developer job market is through a spike in demand for devs with a grasp in AI and ML tools.

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Confused by Algorithms? Introducing ‘Math Speak’: The Secret Language Nobody Told You About

By Joseph Pacheco on May 21, 2020

Algorithms have a steep learning curve — so the story goes. This isn’t because algorithms are inherently hard. They’re just couched in stuffy, academic language that’s akin to humans trying to make sense of assembly code.

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Triplebyte Is Helping Engineers Get Hired During the COVID Crisis

By Jennifer Rose on May 16, 2020

Thousands of engineers and tech companies interact with the Triplebyte platform on a daily basis. As this economic downturn has progressed, we’ve heard issues engineers and tech companies are facing. From the tough situations, like engineers losing their jobs due to layoffs, to some silver linings, like healthcare and logistics startups seeing unexpected growth, there are tons of changes happening in tech. This week, we launched three product features to help engineers find jobs, and a new program to help students whose summer internships were impacted.

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Git Should Rename the Blame Command

By Joseph Pacheco on May 15, 2020

With Git being used everywhere in software engineering, so is the negatively-framed git-blame command, used in the system to track down who merely contributed a line of code — buggy or not. But this isn't about sensitivity (or oversensitivity). Studies show that dealing in shame-inflicting words like blame can stifle productivity and innovation among workers.

Read More The Importance of Game Design (not Gamification) in Software

By Daniel Bean on May 14, 2020

Superhuman CTO Conrad Irwin talks about how game design makes software better, how it’s different from gamification, and what skills engineers should learn to build it into their projects.

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Algorithms in Interviews: Hazing Ritual or Valuable Vetting Technique?

By Joseph Pacheco on May 7, 2020

Academic algorithms tests on interviews are often considered a pointless hurdle, a relic of a bygone era of traditional testing techniques that are no longer relevant. And with the rise of bootcamps and other resources, an ever-increasing number of engineers lack a traditional computer science (CS) background. So why do companies rely on them so heavily? Here are a few reasons that might surprise you.

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Discovering Vaccines through Computational Immunology

By Jen Ciarochi on May 5, 2020

Vaccination is one of our most effective weapons against disease. Vaccines are currently being designed for everything from coronaviruses and herpes to cocaine addiction and cockroach allergies. The emerging field of computational immunology is speeding up the discovery of vaccine candidates for COVID-19 and many other diseases; many open programs are available for this purpose.

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In This Economy: Get Hirable Before You Need to (and Come Out Stronger)

By Joseph Pacheco on Apr 30, 2020

Even if you’re lucky enough to be working this moment, the prospect of a continued job market downturn has kicked all of us out of our comfort zones. But besides handing us a little urgency, this pandemic has one other gift: time at home. Should you decide to aim some of that time at effective, concrete action items to make you more hirable than ever, you’ve got a recipe for stepwise success that can ease your worries of becoming a layoff victim. Below are the long-game software engineering job-seeking items to focus on while you’re still employed or between roles for a while.

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