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The Real Deal on Coding at a Startup vs. Big Tech (From Someone Who's Done Both)

By Stephan Miller on Jul 31, 2020

Just about any company you can imagine is in the software industry, and considering all the potential technologies, languages, and frameworks that are used by businesses today, there is a seemingly endless choice of jobs for modern software engineers. One of the most effective ways to simplify the complexity of the software engineering landscape is to separate companies into startups and Big Tech, with a small middle ground that includes companies that are a mix of both. The environments and cultures of each group are different, as are the skills that engineers are required to use.

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Modeling How Fire Spreads

By Jen Ciarochi on Jul 27, 2020

This article explains how to build and modify a simple fire model, and explores popular methods to simulate fire spread.

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Worried About Failing Technical Interviews? Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Be

By Jospeh Pacheco on Jul 24, 2020

In technical interviews, software engineers are put through a battery of code and theory assessments that require intense brain power – brain power that is, in turn, actively being diminished by the awkwardness of working in front of an audience. The whole thing is enough to knock even extremely skilled engineers off their game, but it doesn’t always stop them from getting the job (or at least the job after that). Here are five truths about technical interviews that will make the prospect of “failing“ one seem a lot less scary (and help you breathe easy the next time around).

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'Clean Code' == UX for Developers

By Joseph Pacheco on Jul 17, 2020

While software engineers may identify first and foremost as problem-solvers, their ability to allow other developers to use their solutions is just as important. Embracing the mindset of UX design will make developers better in about every way, and it will lead to more adoption of sacred engineering principles like “clean code.”

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6 'Strange Things' in JavaScript, Explained

By Juan Cruz Martinez on Jul 17, 2020

Even though JavaScript may occasionally throw weird surprises at you, it's a very powerful language that's worthy of some investigation of its mysteries. In this article, we will explain some of its strange code snippets so that you can add their behaviors to your toolbox.

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How Engineering Salaries Could Get Dinged by the COVID Crisis

By Daniel Bean on Jul 10, 2020 co-founders Zaheer Mohiuddin and Zuhayeer Musa talk about the different ways that engineering earnability could be in for some changes.

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LeetCode and YouTube and Textbooks — Oh My! How to Choose Technical Interview Prep Materials

By Joseph Pacheco on Jul 8, 2020

Many candidates pick one or two study resources and hunker down until their technical interview — but this is a mistake. Different resource types and formats accommodate different learning styles and technical backgrounds. It's better to take a portfolio approach to identify the specific collection of resources that will maximize your success personally. To do this, you need to understand each type, and the kinds of value they offer.

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Racist Robots: Auditing Machine Learning Systems for Bias

By Jen Ciarochi on Jul 1, 2020

Biased decision-making certainly isn’t unique to AI systems, but in many ways, it is uniquely discoverable in these systems. The ability to interrogate machine learning systems to uncover bias is incredibly valuable, and we should avail ourselves of the opportunity.

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