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LeetCode and YouTube and Textbooks — Oh My! How to Choose Technical Interview Prep Materials

By Joseph Pacheco on Jul 8, 2020

Many candidates pick one or two study resources and hunker down until their technical interview — but this is a mistake. Different resource types and formats accommodate different learning styles and technical backgrounds. It's better to take a portfolio approach to identify the specific collection of resources that will maximize your success personally. To do this, you need to understand each type, and the kinds of value they offer.

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Auditing Machine Learning Systems for Bias

By Jen Ciarochi on Jul 1, 2020

Biased decision-making certainly isn’t unique to AI systems, but in many ways, it is uniquely discoverable in these systems. The ability to interrogate machine learning systems to uncover bias is incredibly valuable, and we should avail ourselves of the opportunity.

Read More Upgrade Your Programming Language to Upgrade Your Love of Programming

By Daniel Bean on Jun 26, 2020

Mastering Kotlin author Nate Ebel talks about how choosing the right programming language can make a difference in your work – and your overall happiness as an engineer.

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The Insanely Common Algorithms Mistake You’re Probably Making in Interviews

By Joseph Pacheco on Jun 24, 2020

Using ambiguous technical language when talking algorithms in interviews can zap a lot of your credibility.

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The Philosophy of Debugging: Mastery Through Stoicism

By Joseph Pacheco on Jun 19, 2020

Debugging is one of the most challenging activities in all of software engineering. We often look to specific tactics to hone our skill, but they often have limited effect. The real thing that makes for great debuggers is philosophy: foundational principles and orientations that allow for a whole other level of problem-solving skill.

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Are You a Culture Fit? How to Find Out — and Then Prove It Authentically

By Joseph Pacheco on Jun 12, 2020

This article is about approaching the question of culture fit from a place of authenticity. This will help you learn how to make sure you never miss out on a job because of it and honestly tell, for your own good, when you actually aren’t a fit.

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Starting Your Programming Career? Here’s How to Use Triplebyte to Supercharge Your Job Search

By Triplebyte on Jun 11, 2020

Jobseeking in the early part of your software engineering career can be tough. Adding Triplebyte to your toolkit to showcase your skills and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers is an easy way to supercharge your search.

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Announcing the Triplebyte 'Just in Time' Externship Program

By Ammon Bartram on Jun 11, 2020

Triplebyte is matching promising CS students whose summer internships were canceled with startups that can offer flexible, remote summer externships.

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