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Showcasing Startup Passion in Remote Interviews, With Scale AI's Richard Ni

By Triplebyte on May 29, 2020

Scale AI's Head of People, Richard Ni, talks about how his company has approached interviewing engineers during the COVID crisis.

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Triplebyte Is Helping Engineers Get Hired During the COVID Crisis

By Jennifer Rose on May 16, 2020

Thousands of engineers and tech companies interact with the Triplebyte platform on a daily basis. As this economic downturn has progressed, we’ve heard issues engineers and tech companies are facing. From the tough situations, like engineers losing their jobs due to layoffs, to some silver linings, like healthcare and logistics startups seeing unexpected growth, there are tons of changes happening in tech. This week, we launched three product features to help engineers find jobs, and a new program to help students whose summer internships were impacted.

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Git Should Rename the Blame Command

By Joseph Pacheco on May 15, 2020

With Git being used everywhere in software engineering, so is the negatively-framed git-blame command, used in the system to track down who merely contributed a line of code — buggy or not. But this isn't about sensitivity (or oversensitivity). Studies show that dealing in shame-inflicting words like blame can stifle productivity and innovation among workers.

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Effective Immediately: Supporting Your People After Layoffs

By Krista Lane on Apr 22, 2020

Here's how Talent Managers at Triplebyte put together an outplacement team to help those at the company impacted by layoffs.

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Triplebyte Now Supports Hiring of Remote Teams

By Triplebyte on Mar 18, 2020

Until now, at Triplebyte, we have focused our efforts on helping skilled software engineers get jobs at companies in four geographic markets - the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Now with COVID-19, many businesses around the world are being forced to work entirely remotely. This may last longer than many people think so we believe hiring remote engineers is more important than ever. That’s why we have moved fast to fully support remote hiring. In Triplebyte, hiring companies now have access to tens of thousands of remote engineers, the largest pool of technically-assessed developers in the industry.

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28K Video Interviews Later: How to Interview Software Engineers Remotely

By Laura Handeland on Mar 13, 2020

What happens when a candidate can’t visit your office for a final round of interviews? How do you give a great experience when you’re just starting to conduct interviews remotely?

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What’s the Difference Between Active and Passive Candidates—and How Can You Recruit Both?

By Triplebyte on Mar 3, 2020

The key to successfully recruiting your next star employee may lie in understanding the difference between active and passive candidates and developing the right strategies for finding and recruiting passive candidates that you might otherwise overlook.

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Why Technical Recruiters are Switching to Triplebyte

By Triplebyte on Dec 2, 2019

Does it need to be so costly to find and recruit great engineers? Is there really a shortage of coding talent? Is the technical recruiting process inherently too complex to standardize, or even streamline? Here's a side-by-side look at the prototypical old way of technical recruiting and how it compares to what we've done at Triplebyte.

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