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Machine Learning Candidates have Arrived!

By Eric Bakan, Head of Machine Learning on Sep 27, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Machine Learning Beta Program - enabling you to source and hire machine learning engineers through the Triplebyte platform for the first time!

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Announcing: Triplebyte Premium!

By Aaron Cannon on Sep 5, 2019

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Triplebyte Premium, introducing new Passive Candidate Sourcing as well as Candidate Feedback Insights and Benchmarks! The goal of this product is simple: to enable companies to hire the best technical talent, faster.

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Working on Diversity at Triplebyte

By Harj Taggar on Jul 19, 2019

We're hiring a Head of Diversity to help us make the technology industry more welcoming to people of different backgrounds.

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Want to hire the best programmers? Offer growth.

By Triplebyte on Jul 16, 2019

We've interviewed thousands of engineers for jobs at small startups and tech giants. Here's what they've told us they want in their next job, broken down by experience level, gender, and skill.

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How To Activate Your Passive Tech Candidate Recruitment Strategy

By Triplebyte on May 29, 2019

Passive candidates are often a vital and valued part of a thriving company, so neither their role nor the company they work for is in danger of going away anytime soon. However, just because someone is happy at their current position doesn't mean they couldn't be even happier at your position!

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How To Outcompete FAANG When Hiring Engineers

By Triplebyte on May 13, 2019

How can you compete with FAANG and hire top quality engineers away from the big five? Here are a few ways to stand out from the crowd when you're looking to hire for your high-growth opportunity.

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Programming Interview Questions Are Too Hard and Too Short

By Charles Treichler on Feb 18, 2019

tl;dr Programming interview questions can feel unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes they actually are. And this isn't just because they make interviews excessively stressful. Our data shows that harder programming questions actually do a worse job of predicting final outcomes than easier ones.

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A Humility Training Exercise for Technical Interviewers

By Ammon Bartram on Feb 4, 2019

tl;dr Humility is an important quality in technical interviewers. Our data shows that interviewers who are strongly confident in their own abilities give less consistent interview scores. Interviewers who are aware of their own weaknesses (and of how noisy interviews can be) in contrast, give more consistent scores. We've developed an exercise to help train interviewers in this area.

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I know why rejection emails suck. I write them.

By Kelsey Piper on Aug 24, 2018

In this employee-friendly market, lots of things about the hiring process have changed to accommodate candidates. But companies don’t seem interested in the goodwill they could earn by giving honest, individual feedback. I work at Triplebyte, and over the last year I’ve written over 3,000 detailed, individual rejection emails. When I started, I wondered why no one else did this. Now, I think I know.

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