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Triplebyte has been ranked in Brandscape™ 2020 Top 25 Startups to Watch

By Triplebyte on Nov 7, 2019

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The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency for workplace innovators, announced that Triplebyte has been named in its Top 25 Startup to Watch in the Brandscape™ 2020 Top 25 Startups to Watch for Work Technology.

“The best brands — not necessarily the best products — will always win a market. The Startups to Watch list ranks the early stage innovative brands that could become the industry leaders of tomorrow,” said Steve Smith, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of The Starr Conspiracy. “These brands are a reflection of the people and the culture who created them. These brands appeal to buyers because they are a reflection of who these buyers want to be.”

In response to our placement on the list, CEO and Founder, Ammon Bartram, said, “We are honored to share the list with some of the most innovative companies in our space. 2019 has been an incredibly exciting year for Triplebyte. We raised our $35 million series B, and have seen our product grow to help thousands of engineers (and our team grow by over 50 employees). It's great to see this growth and momentum recognized in the market as we look towards another successful year in 2020!”

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