Wei Deng, CEO and founder of Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health is a fully remote startup that connects healthcare workers with flexible shifts at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Their work fits squarely within the $3.8 trillion U.S. healthcare industry, which is seeing continued demand for more healthcare workers (the U.S. will need to hire 2.3 million new healthcare workers in the next 4 years). Even more immediately, the COVID-19 pandemic created an impetus to digitize antiquated systems. So it’s no surprise that Clipboard Health is growing at an incredible rate, making the 2021 YC Top Companies list after raising a recent $50M Series B.

To keep up this momentum, they need to hire lots more engineers, fast.

The Challenge: How to filter and assess engineers up front

Clipboard Health CEO and founder Wei Deng started her company with just 3 people in 2017. They’ve since grown to over 200, with an engineering team of 35 that she plans to double in the next 6-9 months. When asked about what she's up against, Wei explains,

“Similar to what most companies face, the biggest challenge when we’re hiring is filtering and assessing candidates up front.”

Clipboard Health has tried various methods of technical screening to build their eng team. They initially tried resume screening with a short call and internally-created coding exercise, but that ended up costing them 2-3 hours per candidate and didn’t deliver results. Deng found that their exercise was too narrowly focused to be effective.

“The people who ended up doing well on our original exercise, and that we ended up hiring, just didn’t do well on the job because we weren’t correctly assessing for the right skills ahead of time.”

So they switched to sending a take-home project to try to test for the broader comprehension they were looking for.

“But that didn’t work either — our completion rates went way down.

If the first time you’re interacting with a candidate isn’t a conversation but rather just you asking them to do an 8 hour test, most are going to say no.”

The solution: Triplebyte Screen Assessments

The Clipboard Health team realized that their hiring process needed to change, which led them to try Triplebyte Screen. Deng explains:

“I thought Screen was this perfect combination where you don’t have to have an initial conversation with every candidate because it’s only 20-25 minutes; it’s a pretty easy ask.

And it does an awesome job of filtering out those who don’t have the basic technical understandings that we need to succeed on the job.

Screen is both shorter and more comprehensive than what we had developed internally.”

Widen your funnel to find hidden gems, with no extra time or cost

Triplebyte Screen has allowed Clipboard Health, a fully distributed company, to more effectively hire across the world. Relying solely on resumes is particularly problematic for global companies, since it’s difficult to compare universities or work experiences in different countries. Deng is adamant that for her team, actually being able do the job is the top priority.

“I don’t care where you’re from, I don’t care what your background is, I don’t care if you went to a brand name school.

Using Screen is a no-brainer. Unless you have some reason why you really care about people’s backgrounds, I can’t think of a better screen for technical talent.

It doesn’t even have to be free. I would happily pay for it because it’s so valuable to us.”

How the hire the right engineers, fast

Clipboard Health has an aggressive growth plan for the future, and they’re relying on Triplebyte Screen to make it happen. In the past, they would hire 1 or 2 engineers per month at best. Since signing up with Screen, they’ve screened over 1,100 applicants in less than a year, and 350 of those were in the last quarter.

We hired 7 engineers in the last 3 weeks. We literally would not be able to hire at the pace we are without Screen. Screen cuts down the absolute time we spend per candidate, but also outsources the energy it takes to think about what to send and how to evaluate it.

Just having something we trust, that’s going to do a better job at evaluating technical skills, has been game-changing for us.

The only reason we’re able to hire at this pace and even think about doubling our engineering team is because of Triplebyte Screen."

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