What’s a VP of Engineering to do when challenged with scaling their team without the support of an internal recruiter? That’s what Adam Haney needed to figure out when he joined Invisible at the start of 2022. His prior counterpart in talent acquisition departed just as Adam finished onboarding. But instead of leaving chaos and confusion in the wake of their exit, the now-former colleague left Adam with a subscription to Triplebyte. And since then, Adam has been quickly building out his engineering team, armed with this one powerful resource alone.

"I’ve been using Triplebyte as my primary sourcing channel and have been very happy with it in terms of the granularity of searches and the signal of candidate skill. It's unique that Triplebyte has such a detailed breakdown of people’s skills based on assessments for those skills. It's much more than just parsing their resume for keywords. You actually assess how good somebody is.”  Adam Haney, VP of Engineering at Invisible

Invisible is an outsourcing alternative that provides custom operations support to scaling SMBs at a competitive price point. The company was founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California, and employs a global remote workforce to deliver the best combination of labor and automation to its global customer roster. As VP of Engineering, Adam leads a team of 30 software engineers. One of his top priorities is growing his team’s capacity by attracting and hiring the right talent. 

In just six months, Adam has hired three great senior software engineers sourced from Triplebyte alone. The time savings and confidence afforded by an automated, data-driven approach to recruiting allow Adam to move faster and smarter for his team. He can refocus his energy on big-picture strategy and team leadership rather than spending it on the more tedious aspects of technical sourcing and screening.    

Adam uses Triplebyte Magnet to set his search criteria for any given role and then waits for warm, prequalified candidates to come to him. The candidates are ready to interview and match the role’s requirements. He can review data about their technical screen scores to validate their engineering skills before moving the candidate through the hiring process. This data-driven approach to recruiting helps Invisible quickly and confidently identify the best candidates and make smart, strategic hires.

Magnet is great because now instead of me having to personally go through, search, and reach out, it automates tasks that I previously would block off to do once a week. Thus far in the six months, we’ve been using Triplebyte, we’ve made three hires and haven’t needed to use any other sourcing tools. We’re very happy with how it lets us run a very lean sourcing and recruiting operation." –Adam Haney, VP of Engineering at Invisible

Adam has used other resources to recruit software engineers in his past roles but has no plans to use them again. He sees Triplebyte as a much better return on investment, in terms of both cost and effort. Is your recruiting process consistently and efficiently bringing you the technical talent you need? Reach out for a free consultation with a Triplebyte product expert to optimize and refocus your hiring efforts on the most relevant software engineers for your team. 


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