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New Triplebyte Founder Roles: Ammon - CEO, Harj - Chairman

By Harj Taggar on Oct 21, 2019

New Triplebyte Founder Roles: Ammon - CEO, Harj - Chairman

I’m excited to announce that my co-founder and (formerly) COO Ammon is taking over from me as CEO of Triplebyte. I’ll now be Chairman, supporting the company as a board member and advisor.

I've known Ammon for almost a decade. He’s one of the smartest and most tenacious people I’ve met. I've learned a huge amount working with him and am excited for Triplebyte's future under his leadership. Our mission is deeply personal for him and I know he’s determined to achieve it over the next decade. You can hear him talk more about his unique personal story and how it inspired him to start Triplebyte in this interview with Garry Tan.

This was a tough decision for me to make. I love Triplebyte's mission and it's a tremendously exciting time for the company. We recently raised a Series B from great investors we love working with. Our key metrics are growing fast and we've built a fantastic team who care deeply about their work. As a founder, it's everything you hope to achieve someday when starting a company. Still, as Triplebyte grew it became clear to me that Ammon is the ideal long term leader for the company and the time was right for me to shift into an advisory role.

We’ve been planning the transition over the past couple of months to ensure it would be smooth and not slow us down. During that time we’ve launched a successful new product and added multiple requested features to our core product. Customers are happier than ever and we are working on adding some new ways for engineers to use Triplebyte earlier in their job search. There's a real buzz around the office and it will be fun to watch the team successfully scale Triplebyte through its next period of growth.

Excited as I am for the future and chance to explore new things, it's hard to move on from something you've poured several years of your life into. You endure so many challenges founding a startup that it's impossible not to anthropomorphize the company you build. I’ll miss working with the team and being immersed daily in the wonderful culture they have created. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has helped us build the company and the myriad things I’ve learned working with you all.

I'm especially thankful for everyone who has either found a new job or new colleagues on Triplebyte. It's been incredibly rewarding to see our success stories grow over time. Having the opportunity to combine building a great business with directly doing something clearly good for the world is rare. Thank you.



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