We're excited to announce that Triplebyte is now available for engineers and companies in New York!

Until now we've only been working with companies based in the Bay Area and engineers who want to work there. As we've grown, the biggest request we've had from engineers has been expanding to new locations. The most requested location has been New York, we've seen applications to Triplebyte from engineers either based in New York or wanting to relocate there double since the start of this year.

That's why we're excited to make New York the first new location we're expanding to. We're launching with a great initial group of partner New York companies, which we'll be adding to over time. As in the Bay Area, we'll be working with a mix of companies across all size and stages. We're working with exciting late stage startups hiring in New York like WeWork, Peloton, Dropbox and Palantir. We're also partnering with earlier stage companies working on things like changing online education (Teachable), fixing healthcare by using data to improve the efficiency of clinical trials (Trialspark) and helping us sleep better (Eight). We'll also be working with companies taking an engineering approach to the finance industry like Bridgewater and Jane Street.

If you're an engineer based in New York, or looking to relocate (we'll fly you out for interviews and cover the costs), the first step is completing our programming quiz here.

If you're a company in New York hiring engineers and you'd like to learn more about working with Triplebyte, you can get started here.

We'll be opening up to more locations throughout the year and are excited to help more engineers find their ideal company!


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