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Triplebyte now in Seattle and Los Angeles

By Triplebyte on Oct 2, 2018

Triplebyte now in Seattle and Los Angeles

Triplebyte is now available for engineers and companies hiring in Seattle and Los Angeles! We chose these as our next two locations after seeing increasing numbers of great engineers based in Seattle or LA signing up and requesting access to Triplebyte. Combined these two locations now represent 15% of our applicant pool so we decided the time was right to open up and start working with companies hiring there.

For our initial launch we'll be working with some great partners. We have great public companies such as Dropbox and TrueCar. We're also working with fast growing startups working on ambitious problems across a range of areas like self-driving trucks, fixing healthcare and disrupting real estate.

To get started hiring engineers in either location, sign up to Triplebyte and set your role location to whichever one you're hiring in.

If you're an engineer looking to join a great company in Seattle or LA, get started by taking our coding quiz.

We're excited to continue adding more locations to the Triplebyte marketplace so we can help as many great people from any background find great companies to join.

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