Until now, at Triplebyte, we have focused our efforts on helping skilled software engineers get jobs at companies in four geographic markets - the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. We have supported some remote roles but only as candidates’ second or third choice location for work.

Now with COVID-19, many businesses around the world are being forced to work entirely remotely. This may last longer than many people think so we believe hiring remote engineers is more important than ever.

That’s why we have moved fast to fully support remote hiring. In Triplebyte, hiring companies now have access to tens of thousands of remote engineers, the largest pool of technically-assessed developers in the industry.

Independent of COVID-19, we have been seeing firsthand a massive rise in the demand for remote roles, with tens of thousands developers expressing such interest. In fact, “remote” is now the second most popular desired location in Triplebyte, behind only the San Francisco Bay Area.

Companies have also been getting on the remote worker bandwagon. Some companies, like Automattic and GitLab, have taken it to an extreme and have all-remote workforces. Some, like Stripe, have remote “hubs,” in addition to their traditional office hubs. And many companies are still feeling their way into the approach. At Triplebyte, we recently did research on hiring remote engineers, as we considered starting the practice ourselves (which we recently did), and every company we talked to was either hiring remote engineers or seriously considering it.

Companies are placing greater emphasis on hiring remote workers because the market for talented engineers is so competitive, especially in the main tech hubs. By being willing to hire remote engineers, companies greatly open up the pool of talent.

With Triplebyte’s new support for remote hiring, companies can specify roles where they are open to somebody working remotely and Triplebyte will intelligently recommend candidates that not only have the technical and communication skills necessary for the role, but also are open to working remotely.

At Triplebyte, our mission is to create a valuable, skills-based credential that companies can use to efficiently source and hire engineers. Through our support for remote hiring, we now give companies access to skilled engineers anywhere in the country (and even the world) and are able to further that mission at an even greater scale.


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