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We help programmers find great startups to work at. If you work with us, we'll go through a technical interview process with you and provide feedback on what we think your strengths and weaknesses are. We’ll match you with companies that are looking for people with your specific skill sets, and then fast track you through their hiring processes.

There are several advantages to letting us help you through your job search:

  1. We save you time. Though you’re making an initial time investment by going through our interview process, afterwards we can fast track you through to final interviews at the companies you are interested in. Most candidates save hours that otherwise would be spent on phone screens. We turn an O(n) process into an O(1) process.
  2. We suggest companies where you’re most likely to succeed. Companies differ widely in what skills they look for in engineers. For example, some companies really love academic programmers, while others think that being academic is a sign you won’t be productive. We’ve mapped these differences, and will suggest companies where you’re a good fit.
  3. We suggest companies you may not have heard of. Everyone has heard of Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe. But we can also suggest companies that you may not have considered before, or even heard of. We can get you in early with some of the most exciting new companies out there.
  4. We can connect you with the right people. If you’ve ever applied for a job through a company web site, you know that it can seem like your resume has been sent into a black hole. We can put you right in front of hiring managers or founders for a fast turnaround.
  5. We can vouch for your technical skills. Maybe your resume isn’t perfect. With us, that doesn’t matter. The companies we work with trust our ability to find hidden talent that other recruiters can’t.

Yes. Right now we can only work with programmers who are looking for full-time work.

We work with engineers from all different backgrounds. We don't care where you went to school - or if you went at all. We work with practical programmers who know how to get a job done. We also work with hard-core computer science theorists - and everything in between.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. The entire process is totally free for programmers.

No, we are not a bootcamp. We expect that people who apply to our process already understand programming, and most people have some professional experience.

However, everyone still has something to learn. If you go through our interview process, we can give you tips on how best to improve your existing skill sets.

Right now we cannot help programmers find internships.

Unfortunately, the companies we work with CANNOT provide visas for candidates unless they are from Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, or Australia. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, or from one of those countries, you will need to obtain your own H1B visa before we can work with you.

The companies we work with CAN help transfer your H1B visa if you already have one at another company.

No. Right now, most of the companies we work with are hiring full-time in-office engineers. In the future, we hope to offer more remote opportunities.

The first step is creating your online profile, and then we’ll ask you to take a short, multiple choice quiz, that usually takes people about half an hour.

The quiz has coding questions in several different languages, as well as some design questions. The coding questions involve reading blocks of code, and answering questions about them.

The quiz is in different languages because we are looking at a lot of different skill sets. The questions use logic that is similar from one language to another, and also give us a chance to see how you work in a slightly unfamiliar environment.

We expect that the programmers who take our quiz will NOT be familiar with all of the languages on our quiz, and you do NOT need to know all the languages in order to do well on the quiz.

After the quiz, you may be asked to complete a coding challenge, which can be done in a language of your choice. Then, you will move on to our technical interview.

We do a few things differently.

  1. We want to see you do what you’re good at. Everyone's bad at something. We work with companies that look for a bunch of different skills, and so we’re able to work with engineer who are skilled a in wide variety of different areas. We’ll offer several questions during the interview, and guide you to the one you’re best at.
  2. We give personalized and candid feedback and encourage people to reapply. We want to help people improve and get better at showing their strengths during an interview. No form letters from us.
  3. We improve over time. Interviewing is our primary focus. We're continually analyzing our process, keeping the things that work and changing the things that don't.

No. We will NOT tell any companies that you did not pass our interview, and it will NOT affect your ability to apply to or get a job at any company. We also know that our process makes mistakes, and we’ll encourage you to practice in a few areas, and re-apply to us in 4 months.

We’ll talk to you at length about what you’re looking for, and come up with a list of exciting companies where you’re a strong fit. You’ll pick your favorites, and we’ll get you set up with final on-site interviews.

We work with about 150 companies, from famous ones like Airbnb, Uber and Khan Academy, to small startups like Medisas (saving lives by improving handoffs between doctors in hospitals), and Eve (building a new database and programming environment).

We’ll skip you over recruiter and phone screens, straight to each companies final interview. You'll still do the final interview with each company. This is a time-saving over several hours at each company.

We'll organize everything: your flights, accommodation, and getting you around town once you’re here. You can focus on just being ready to meet some fantastic companies.

That's completely fine! There's no pressure to work at a company we introduce you to. We'd love to keep searching for a company you do like or we can put things on hold - whichever you prefer.

We hate salary negotiations. Hiring managers have an information advantage, and often make offers involving subtle details of equity that many programers don’t understand. We correct this information asymmetry. We give our candidates accurate information on salary ranges, explain equity grants and tax implications, and help with the negotiation process. We can even handle the entire negotiation process for you if you don’t want anything to do with it. Our main goal is to make sure you get the offer you want.

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