Work at Triplebyte

We're working to build a process for identifying great talent without using credentials. We're a small team looking for people to join us in making this happen.

Reasons to join

We're working on a problem every engineer understands deeply. If you've ever experienced a bad technical interview, you know the problem we're going to fix.

We have an experienced team. We've each founded and sold companies before, we're looking to build something truly meaningful. Read more about us here .

It's working. We've already achieved profitablity and raised investment from some of the smartest investors in the world, including Paul Graham and Sam Altman.

Our team is just six people, you'd have a large amount of responsbility and impact on how we grow. Picking an early startup to join is tough, the things you want to look for are a strong team, traction and a large market. It's rare to find a team as small as ours, that has all three.