Working at Triplebyte

Hiring is broken. We are building a better, more data driven system to fix it.

What’s happening at Triplebyte:

  • We’re solving a problem everyone knows. If you’ve ever experienced a bad interview process, been ghosted by a company, or been turned away because of your resume, you know the process we are fixing.
  • Our leadership has a proven track record of founding, building, and selling successful companies.
  • Our approach to identifying talent is working. We've raised close to $50M to date from some of the smartest investors in the world, including YC Continuity, Founders Fund, Initialized Capital, Paul Graham and Sam Altman. Even during the COVID pandemic, our revenue has grown over 200% quarter over quarter for the past year, and we closed well over $1.5M in new business in the last quarter alone.
  • Our team is just over 50 people, so you’d have a high impact on how we grow. Our current areas of focus are creating an engineer-first job search platform, and building Triplebyte Screen (a universal application for engineers to apply to companies).

Even if you don't see an engineering position with us that perfectly matches your skills, we're always looking for great engineers to join our team. The best way for engineers to apply is to complete a profile, take any of our quizzes that will show off your skills, and apply to one of our open engineering positions with a message letting us know how you think you'd fit in on the team.