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Mervyn Steadman
Technical Channels Manager

39% on-site to offer rate

Total of 23 Engineers hired

Flexport is “the Operating System for Global Trade”. Freight forwarding is the circulatory system for global trade but it still largely runs on paper. Flexport is changing this with a strategic operating model for modern businesses that powers more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable global supply chains.

Triplebyte helps Mervyn Steadman and his team at Flexport with engineering hiring.

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Denali Lumma
Director of Engineering

68 candidate calls

39 direct to onsite interviews

14 offers

Denali Lumma, Director of Engineering for the Enterprise Group at Box, led a partnership with Triplebyte. It has been a success and what stands out is how Triplebyte has been both faster and saved engineering hours spent per technical hire. We present some of this data below and asked Denali some more questions on how she thought about the challenges with technical hiring.

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Charles Guillemet

27 engineers brought onsite

52% onsite success rate

Gusto partnered with Triplebyte a year ago to help accelerate their engineering and product hiring. We spoke with Charles Guillemet, who joined the Gusto recruiting team almost three years ago, to talk about their experiences working with us.

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Udi Nir
VP Engineering

25 engineers brought straight to onsite through Triplebyte

50% onsite success rate

Instacart recently partnered with Triplebyte to help with engineering hiring. Triplebyte founder, Harj Taggar, asked Instacart VP of Engineering, Udi Nir, about his experience working with Triplebyte.

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Neil Rahilly
Director of Engineering

17 engineers brought straight to onsite through Triplebyte

50% onsite success rate

Mixpanel partnered with Triplebyte on technical hiring as they were looking for ways to meet their hiring goals. We talked with Mixpanel Director of Engineering, Neil Rahilly, about his experiences working with us.

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