" " I've worked with many different agencies and recruiting services throughout my career and Triplebyte is the only one I've ever recommended.

Gusto and Triplebyte Case Study

Gusto partnered with Triplebyte a year ago to help accelerate their engineering and product hiring. We spoke with Charles Guillemet, who joined the Gusto recruiting team almost three years ago, to talk about their experiences working with us.

27 engineers brought onsite

52% onsite success rate

What first motivated you to give Triplebyte a try?

When Triplebyte first pitched us, what stood out was how much data they were collecting about the technical skills of each candidate. They were able to talk in detail about how they'd designed their programming quiz and how they used it to filter and match only candidates who would be above the technical bar at Gusto. Our recruiting and engineering teams were really interested to try this out and see if it worked. After we started seeing candidates coming through, we saw that it did indeed work. We were impressed with the technical strength of candidates.

How has Triplebyte most helped the recruiting team at Gusto?

It's a combination of multiple things. The three things that are top of mind would be:

(1) The team at Triplebyte has been great to work with. They are always very transparent, responsive, and willing to adapt and make things work well as our hiring needs and requirements shift.

(2) The quality of the candidates is really high. They have a great filtering process in place that saves our engineering team a lot of time spent in phone screens.

(3) The diversity of backgrounds of the candidates has been really great and is something we care a lot about. We've hired engineers with a profile we wouldn't usually have sourced ourselves and that's been really exciting.

Do any candidates you've hired with different backgrounds stand out in your mind?

Yes, we hired an engineer who was a former startup founder and consultant who we wouldn't usually have prioritized at the resume screening step. He's since become one of our top engineers and is leading large refactoring projects that are key to the company. Another would be a very senior engineer who was actually one of the co-contributors of GCC (a very popular C compiler). He joined us recently and everyone loves working with him.

What's the process of managing workflow and candidates been like?

We've liked how active and quickly the candidates coming through Triplebyte are looking to move through the process. We've been wanting to hire quickly and this was a great fit. We could quickly book a time to speak and know that if there was a fit, candidates were ready to interview immediately and make quick decisions. It also helped that we didn't have to think of the first call with candidates as a vetting call but more of a sell call, so we could move them quickly through the process and trust they'd be strong.

How has Triplebyte differed from other recruiting services you've used in the past?

I've worked with many different agencies and recruiting services throughout my career and Triplebyte is the only one I've ever recommended. I've really never worked with a recruiting service that's so easy and transparent to work with.

What we particularly like about them is they focus on delivering a high onsite to offer rate, rather than flooding us with as many candidates as they can each week. We've tried a mixture of other third-party recruiters, from individuals to agencies, and found they'd often send us candidates who had little context about Gusto and didn’t meet our technical bar. Triplebyte was a much better service in all regards.


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