" " Triplebyte uses more technology and has a more quantitative nature than any agencies we've used.

Mixpanel and Triplebyte Case Study

Mixpanel partnered with Triplebyte on technical hiring as they were looking for ways to meet their hiring goals. We talked with Mixpanel Director of Engineering, Neil Rahilly, about his experiences working with us.

17 engineers brought straight to onsite through Triplebyte

50% onsite success rate

How did you get comfortable bringing Triplebyte candidates straight to onsite without doing your own technical screening?

We had our engineering team try the Triplebyte screening process and that built confidence it was a good technical screen. The candidates who then came onsite were doing well and we felt good about keeping it going.

What have been the main advantages of working with Triplebyte?

The main advantage has been it's a great source of high quality candidates. We were trying to figure out how to scale our recruiting efforts and we'd brainstormed the usual ideas e.g sponsoring conferences, career fairs, LinkedIn outreach, referrals, etc. We tried them all and the two things that worked the best were Triplebyte and building our internal recruiting team.

Working with Triplebyte lets our recruiting team spend less time doing screening and more time personalizing the candidate experience and getting them excited about Mixpanel.

We care a lot about removing bias from our hiring process. That's always been a part of the Mixpanel culture as we've had to look further afield to hire people as our early team didn't have strong referral networks to pull people in from. As a result we've built an eclectic group of engineers, including many engineers who are self-taught like me. We like that Triplebyte has thought a lot about ways to remove biases from hiring e,g. their candidate profiles don't contain names of companies or schools a candidate has attended.

How has Triplebyte differed from other recruiting services you've used in the past?

We tried recruiting agencies but they didn't work because the quality of candidates was poor. It was also frustrating to deal with situations where they weren't actually working with candidates they claimed to be.

Triplebyte uses more technology and has a more quantitative nature than any agencies we've used. To us it's like they're building out the engineering recruiting team that is data driven in a way that fits really well with the Mixpanel product and culture.

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