How it works

We expand your pool of engineering candidates and reduce the time to make a hire. We've achieved a 70% onsite success rate with companies using our skills-based matching process.

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1. Onboarding

A 45 minute on-board meeting where we gather data on how to pitch your company to candidates and ask deep technical questions to build an initial matching model of your specific hiring preferences.

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2. Matching

Our engineering candidates select if they’re interested in interviewing with your company once we’ve identified you as a good match.

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3. Pitch Call

We introduce you to interested matched candidates and you book an initial call to pitch your company to them. These calls are usually 20 - 30 minutes.

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4. Straight to Onsite

If you both decide to move forward after the call, you bring candidates straight to your onsite interview without doing any phone screening.

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5. Review

After each onsite we get detailed feedback on how the candidate performed and use this to update our matching model and improve its accuracy over time.

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