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12twenty is an ed-tech company based in Santa Monica that’s changing the way university career centers, students, and employers approach recruiting.

Through its suite of SaaS web apps, 12twenty provides universities and employers with a platform to better connect students, career centers, and employers. Our mission is to equip universities with a platform that revolutionizes productivity and connections, enabling students and alumni to advance their careers and employers to hire quality and diverse talent.

We work on an extremely diverse set of features, modules, and integrations, including oauth, calendar sync, payments, apple wallet / android pay. We are continuously building new features and improving existing ones in the context of a relatively large and long-running mostly monolithic codebase that we are also continuously refactoring and improving.

Check out a video from our last in-person user conference: https://vimeo.com/254762533

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Why join us?

  • Currently profitable, with 30% to 50% annual revenue growth over the last 8 years

  • We have a broad user base, including students, alumni, employers, and career centers, and work on an extremely diverse set of features, modules, and integrations, including oauth, calendar sync, payments, apple wallet / android pay

  • We are a small, tight-knit team, where we work collaboratively to find the best solutions, value continuous learning, and communicate in an honest, transparent, and open manner

Engineering at 12Twenty

Engineering team and processes

We work in two week sprints, but deliver continuously. Our engineering team currently consists of seven devs, broken up into two subteams. Code is reviewed, QA’ed and deployed twice a week or as needed. Developers work closely with their teammates and the Product team to ensure we build with useability, maintainability, and scalability in mind. We put a strong emphasis on quality, automated testing, and clean code.

The majority of our code is in a single solution with dozens of projects. While the codebase and architecture is mostly monolithic, we do have a few microservices as well.

Infrastructure: mostly on Azure, including App Services, SQL Database, Service Bus, Redis, Functions, Virtual Machines.

Tools we use: GitHub, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, and GSuite for our day-to-day tasks.

Our tech stack: C# (.NET Framework 4.72), Web API, MVC, AngularJs, Typescript, HTML, Less, Sql Server, Dapper, EF, and other technologies, including some legacy jquery and knockoutjs.

Technical Challenges

We are a small team working on a large number of modules and integrations across the platform, including job postings, on campus interviews, events, appointments, and custom reporting/analytics, calendar sync, and single sign on. We are continuously refactoring and improving the existing codebase, implementing design patterns and best practices as much as possible in an attempt to build a scalable infrastructure that is manageable and maintainable. We are always balancing delivering direct value to the customer with repaying technical debt and ensuring we build for the long-term.

Projects you might work on
  • New products built on top of our framework within our existing platform, including a rebuild of our student-facing outcome analytics platform (which has helped some schools close the gender wage gap for post graduation offers!) and extensive improvements to our alumni platform to help alumni connect and network.

  • Infrastructure improvements within Azure to ensure scalability, high availability, and general reliability (e.g. scaling out our database, making better use of Redis and Service Bus, and improvements with observability and monitoring)

  • Upgrade to .NET 6 from .NET Framework. Rewrite our AngularJS code in the latest version of Angular or React

Tech stack
SQL Server
Azure Cloud

Working at 12Twenty

Our team values include: * Communication: offer suggestions, ask questions, be open; give and expect honesty, transparency, empathy, and respect * Collaboration: work together to find the best solutions * Continuous Learning and Improvement: always be looking for opportunities to improve both yourself and our product/code/team

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    Work when you feel the most productive, but consistency and some overlap with PT hours is desired. We currently have engineers around the world on different time zones.

  • Generous Vacation

    15 PTO days, 3 sick days

  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • Team Activities

    Happy hours, beach days, holiday parties, etc

Our Team by the Numbers

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