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Through the rigorous application of the scientific method, A Priori aims to answer the world’s most difficult questions and predict the unpredictable. Founded in 2014 by Matthew Brumberg and Ryan Brumberg, A Priori is a youthful investment firm based in NYC/Greenwich. We are looking for a few brilliant minds to join our hunt for alpha. If an unsolved problem keeps you up at night and working in a start-up environment at a growing fund manager appeals to you, apply to one of our open positions or send your resume to work@aprioriinvestments.com

Why join us?

  • One of the top performing quant hedge funds

  • Tremendous growth over the past four years

  • Major open-source project part of core responsibilities

Engineering at A Priori Investment Management LLC

Engineering team and processes

Lean and mean. We use git for source control. We write extensive test suites for everything we do, and we insist on a clean CI run before any commit gets into master. We like code review, but we're not pedantic. Deployment is through docker. We have parallel instances of our systems running in AWS so we get some real-world miles on new code before going into production. Everything we've built is designed so it can be upgraded without downtime.

Technical Challenges

Our platform is designed both for large-scale research (so it needs high throughput) and also production trading (so it needs low latency and serious redundancy). This creates some serious challenges: how can we take the code produced by a researcher who's experimenting with new ideas and get the performance and reliability we need out of it for trading? We have some tricks up our sleeves - if you like compilers and programming languages you'll have fun here.

Projects you might work on
  • We're big believers in open source - if we really depend on a piece of software, we want to be able to crack it open and see what makes it tick. Our stack is based on open source (python, llvm, numpy, etc.), and our core data-processing and messaging platform is open source. Anything else we build that's not directly related to trading is also a candidate for open source. Interfacing with the community makes both our software and our engineering team stronger.

  • At a deep level, A Priori is a research and engineering technology company that creates ‘solutions’. Instead of marketing our product to customers, we apply it directly to the markets. The metric of our success is entirely objective. If it works, we make money, and if it doesn’t, we don’t. Unlike most startups, we don’t worry about selling products or pitching investors. What we need is to be better than our competitors: smarter, more creative, and to think more deeply.

  • At A Priori, engineering isn't just a support service - it's a crucial ingredient to our success, and our engineers are first-class members of our company. We're willing to build new software to meet our needs, we're willing to take risk, and we take the time to get our software right. A final fun fact here is that everyone at A Priori programs.

Tech stack

Working at A Priori Investment Management LLC

In many ways, our culture looks and feels like a startup: we're small, growing rapidly, and moving quickly. But unlike a startup, we have a stable revenue base and a working business that needs our attention. Our next few colleagues will help define our culture, set the direction of technologies we build, and the grow the set of assets and strategies we trade. But they'll get to do it in an environment that has resources and stability. It's the best of both worlds: opportunity for growth, no fear of running out of cash because the venture capital industry imploded.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Free Food

    Free lunch most days and free dinner in the evenings

  • Beautiful Office

    Brand new office location in NoHo (on Lafayette Street) opening March 1, 2019

  • Gym/Fitness

    Equinox, Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, and Barry's Bootcamp are just down the street. Afternoon workouts are strongly encouraged!

  • Flexible Hours

    Night owl? Morning person? Make your own schedule (within reason!)

  • Health Insurance

    Simply the best available.

  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Team Activities

    Friday board game lunches. Afternoon Smash Brother. Lasertag.

  • Transportation

    Housing stipend for living within easy walking distance of the office.

  • Relocation

    Paid relocation expenses.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Work from Home
  • Social impact driven

    We help price the world's markets!

Our Team by the Numbers

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