Abacus Finance

< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$2m - $5m funding
Pre-series a

Abacus is a a new way for people to issue, trade and manage their financial securities backed by blockchain technology.

We want to be the one stop shop for a fund to raise money. This means we would enable a fund to: - manage all of their investors in one place - easily collect information and run background checks on their investors - automate compliance (things like generation tax forms) - view their cap table for these blockchain backed assets

You can read about the benefits of security tokens here: https://hackernoon.com/the-security-token-thesis-4c5904761063?gi=a8d97db3e43b.

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Why join us?

  • We're using cutting edge technology to bring simplicity to the way financial securities are issued, traded and managed. If being in the intersection of tech and investment banking excites you, come work with us.

  • We're only a 5 months out of YC and we already have 6 figures in revenue. We know we can scale that number quickly, but need the help of talented engineerings like you. :)

  • We've got a great team supporting us behind the scenes. Many of our investors and advisors are influential leaders in the industries we're disrupting, and having them on our side allows us to make large scale changes.

    To give you an idea, a few of the people we're backed by are Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures and Justin Kan (co-founder of Twitch and CEO of Atrium).

Engineering at Abacus Finance

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is only two people right now. As a result, all of our engineers own products they work on from inception to launch. Engineers work closely with our customers and partners, and own customer success for the products they build.

Collaboration is really important to us so engineers also working closely with our designer, and other team members to come up with product and technical specs.

Our technical stack is a Scala backend, and React + Typescript frontend. All engineering push code to production regularly. We use Github to collaborate. We don't have individual code ownership, so pull requests can be merged after being reviewed by one other person, and are immediately deployed to our testing environment.

Technical Challenges
  • We deal with both blockchain and non-blockchain customers, so we need to build a system that works with both of these types of users and shares most of the logic.
  • There are a lot of views we need to build, so we are designing systems that auto-generate these views programatically, e.g. workflows for collecting data or different types of securities. We've built a lot of tooling that operates at the type level to define data in one spot and have the software build itself.
Projects you might work on
  • Designing a system to auto-generate GraphQL schemas from data models. We deal with many types of forms, so it can be very tedious to define a data model multiple times. We devised a system that allows code-sharing between a Scala backend and TypeScript frontend to only write types once to define the data model across the stack.

  • Generating backend and smart contract code from a common DSL to validate token transfer restrictions, e.g. whitelists and regulations.

  • Synchronizing an off-chain securities ledger with multiple public ledgers (such as Stellar and Ethereum).

Tech stack

Working at Abacus Finance

We value transparency and autonomy to help our engineers be more effective. We love when people talk to our customers and think of ideas to help make our product and business better.

Perks & benefits
  • Travel

    We are a discovery focused team, which means we allocate a lot of time for our employees to chat with customers and explore new product and business ideas. We encourage our employees to travel to meet people in person during their discovery time.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage our employees to attend workshops and conferences to build up their skills and network. We think it's important for everyone to grow into much better versions of themselves while they're at Abacus.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Flexible Hours

    Work whenever is most effective for you. We don't have any hard rules around when to work.

  • Team Activities

    We have dinner and play games and ping pong regularly together. We also try to do something fun as a team every couple of weeks.

  • Relocation

    We provide $5k in relocation credits and help with temporary housing until you've found a more permanent place.

  • Transportation

    We reimburse all rideshare costs for business travel.

Our Team by the Numbers

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