51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series a

ActionIQ enables timely, useful, and exciting conversations between enterprises and their customers. We’re the only solution that can ingest massive amounts of behavior data from multiple sources, run quick analysis, and build comprehensive marketing experiments and campaigns -- all without ever writing a line of code.

Why join us?

  • Great engineering team — ActionIQ is a technology and data company at heart, and most of our engineers come from top tech companies.

  • Engineers get ownership — We've built a strong engineering organization to solve very hard technical problems. We give engineers as much responsibility as they can handle. Engineers are encouraged to get involved in the product process and sometimes the sales process as well. Everyone is giving something that they can own — something they can design, architect, implement, and release. Although we have a team centric company we treat everyone as if they were a technical team lead.

Engineering at ActionIQ

Technical Challenges

At ActionIQ, we have assembled a stellar team of engineers from the best computer science programs and technology companies in the world. To develop a full next-generation platform for marketers, our backend engineers work on deep systems problems which include robust large-scale ETL pipelines, query optimization in our custom main-memory distributed database, and predictive analytics development. The fullstack team focuses on abstracting away the underlying complexity of the backend system into interactive and intuitive UIs and APIs that must scale with the growth of data, customers, and engineers. We are building a product for customers to spend their entire day in -- the UI and APIs must be fast, flexible, and extendable. If you're passionate about solving interesting, large-scale systems problems, you'll fit in great at ActionIQ.

Tech stack
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