New York, Silicon Valley
251 - 500 Employees
101 - 250 Engineers
$100M+ Funding
Series D

Addepar is building a single platform unifying hundreds of portfolio and market data systems and leveraging that platform to create robust, powerful financial applications.

The technical effort involved is massive. Addepar engineering builds portfolio data ingestion systems that process tens of millions of transactions across millions of accounts every day, and pricing and reference data systems that provide coverage for over a trillion dollars in assets. We build and run our own distributing serving and financial calculation framework that allows clients to run complex analysis of massive data sets in real time. We design robust APIs and powerful, versatile user interfaces to empower wealth managers to ask nuanced questions about their clients' holdings.

The group you’ll be joining includes senior engineers and leads who have worked at companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, DE Shaw, Two Sigma, and other top software firms and quantitative hedge funds. If you've designed complex scalable systems, built powerful and intuitive user interfaces, or worked with great teams on hard problems in financial data, come join us.

Our engineering team works in Java, Python, and Javascript, but we don’t require prior experience with any specific tool set. Great software engineers can pick up new languages on the job. More than checking the boxes on specific technologies, we're looking for driven engineers with real technical depth and a desire to understand the end business. We want people who are passionate and care deeply about the success of the whole company.

The problems we’re tackling at Addepar are complex, but they’re also globally important. Addepar has the potential to make a huge swath of private investing more transparent, more efficient, and more ethical. If you’re interested in that, we’re excited to meet you.

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Why join us?
  • We're building an ever-growing model of the global financial ownership graph — connecting holdings to account ownership data to public market securities information to fully model financial relationships and allow arbitrary real-time computation over them.

  • Our platform incorporates data from over 100 different source systems and is used to manage over $1T in total assets

  • Our team includes senior engineering leads from Facebook, Google, Citadel, and DE Shaw

Engineering at Addepar
Engineering team and processes

We are lead engineers from Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, Citadel, and DE Shaw who have built a financial platform for the most sophisticated investors on the planet, including:

An ingestion pipeline that integrates complex portfolio data from hundreds of different sources, totaling over $1T in total assets—including normalization, reconciliation, and anomaly detection. A realtime calculation engine that can execute complex financial calculations across massive portfolios on demand while handling intraday updates without performance degradation. Elegantly designed user interface for calculations that caters to both technical and business users, accompanied by a visual financial report builder on par with Google Presentations. An ever-growing model of the global financial ownership graph, which connects holdings to account ownership data to public market securities information. A public API that is establishing a new lingua franca for finance, with a growing ecosystem of third party apps and integrations from the likes of Schwab, Morngingstar, and Salesforce.

Technical Challenges

Imagine you’re running a large pension fund and the North Korean nuclear crisis has you spooked. You want to know exactly how much exposure you have to local markets, starting with Japan, where you have significant holdings. Seems easy enough: Look for any JPY currency positions or Japanese stocks.

But what about Asian mutual funds? You need to measure Japan exposure for each one. What about companies like Aflac, which derive a majority of their revenues from Japan? That’s a U.S. company with strong exposure to Japan. A similar problem exists with Softbank, which has a $90 billion position in Alibaba (a Chinese company) and a $27 billion position in Sprint (a U.S. company). These positions need to be broken out for every asset in the portfolio.

You can hire some overpriced MBAs to make a mess of all this in Excel, or you can use Addepar :)

Projects you might work on
  • Let’s break this down a bit: The various assets under management have been allocated across a bunch of different banks, each of whom has their own proprietary data formats. You’re dealing with a veritable Tower of Babel of structured and unstructured data for all kinds of asset classes and currencies.

    And you’re not dealing just with the stocks and bonds covered by Morningstar. You are dealing with a range of financial exotic instruments: unlisted securities and alternative investment vehicles that are traded in private transactions and over-the-counter markets, off the big public exchanges. These instruments are harder to understand, present more risk, and are far less transparent.

    As a result, you have people manually logging into banks and cobbling together spreadsheets that they have to manually keep up-to-date. And as the velocity of business continues to accelerate and funds rely on machine-driven algorithms, access to real-time data is crucial to making smart decisions… and so your home-grown solution is making you nervous even if you have a team of in-house developers working for you at one of the big banks.

Tech stack
and Hadoop Deployed with kubernetes on AWS

Working at Addepar

Perks can be nice—like three free meals a day, weekly yoga, free laundry, and a budget for learning & career development. We value critical thinking, feedback, and respectful disagreement balanced by compromise. We encourage thoughtful discussion of topics that matter to the company.

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Pet Friendly
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Generous Vacation

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