51 - 100 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Pre-series a

AdQuick makes it easy to buy and measure outdoor advertising (think billboards, posters, transit ads, etc.). Our customers include Lyft,, Peloton and household brands such as Kevin Hart, Drake & H&R Block. We have top-tier Silicon Valley investors, we're growing fast and we're bringing modern software to an industry that needs it. Booking a billboard should be as easy as booking a Facebook ad. Come join us to make it happen!

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We were profitable last year and we are on track to grow revenues 4x from last year. Though we are a seed-stage startup, we have an actual product that makes actual money. It's great to work on a product that's solving real problems for real customers.

  • We are working on very interesting and technically challenging problems. Some examples: - Efficiently mapping 1M+ outdoor ad units, including moving ones like buses & trains - Layering data visualizations onto maps, like census data, political data, adwords data, etc. - Searching/sorting across many different attributes across 1M+ units - Integrating with Google AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Ads, and other sources to help customers plan the best outdoor ad campaign based on their existing digital ad data. Then, using that same digital ad data to report on the lift driven by outdoor ads. - We scraped Instagram and used image recognition to see if people shared photos of billboards. Turns out, a lot of people Instagram'd Drake's board. Innovative ROI tools are a core part of our offering. - We're building inventory management tools for the companies that own the units

  • 5 of our team members were early employees at Instacart. We've been successful at building a startup once before, and now we are doing it again.

Engineering at AdQuick

Engineering team and processes

We currently have 6 engineers on our team and we function as a single team.

We actually took a lot of inspiration for our planning processes from 37 signals:

We plan sprints that last roughly 6 weeks. To plan a sprint, first we aside time for the big projects we want to tackle. After that, we look at how much time we have left, and we prioritize the list of small and medium items we want to get done until we've filled up all of our time.

To prioritize, we gather input from across the company and from our customers.

We do an engineering team video meeting on Monday to chat about the plan for the week, then for the rest of the week we do standups each morning in slack so that we aren't interrupting anyone with meetings.

Every 2 weeks we do a Kaizen session, which is a general retrospective.

We use Slack, but with the expectation that people will close it out frequently in order to focus. We use Asana for task-tracking.

Technical Challenges

I covered most of this already in reasons to join :)

Projects you might work on
  • We are working on a system that plans the scientifically best possible outdoor ad campaign for a customer given the demographic profile of their target audience.

  • We are building out a self-service platform for smaller customers so that they can find any outdoor ad unit they want on a map and buy it without talking to anyone.

  • We work with mobile movement data providers so we can report out to our customers if someone who passed their billboard later visited their brick-and-mortar store.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at AdQuick

We value the following things: - taking ownership - moving fast & getting things done - caring deeply about our the customer experience

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    Our office is an awesome loft-style space that overlooks Abbot Kinney.

  • Pet Friendly
  • Workshops/Conferences

    We provide funding for engineers to go to 1 conference each year.

  • Work from Home

    If you're in LA, you're welcome to work from home 2-3 days/week.

  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
Our Team by the Numbers

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