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$1M - $2M Funding
Pre-Series A

At Agave, we're building the modern, self-service hiring platform for companies of all sizes. We help companies source, attract, recruit, and retain job candidates.

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Why join us?
  • We're looking for our founding engineering hires, which could potentially develop into a tech lead or CTO role fairly quickly.

  • We've raised over $1 million from the best early-stage angel investors, including SV Angel and Box Group.

  • We're weeks away from launching and already have generated some revenue from excited customers, including Tandem and

  • We're working on a problem every engineer understands deeply. If you've ever experienced a bad technical interview, then you have experienced the problem we're solving.

  • Our founder and CEO has successfully started and sold several companies before and managed engineering teams at hyper-growth startups.

Engineering at Agave
Engineering team and processes

The team is just starting to get formed, so we're small and nimble! We're currently one frontend engineer, a customer success rep, and the CEO who also is technical. We do weekly check-ins, review each other's PRs, we write tests when needed (currently we have about 5,000 RSpec tests in the code base), we use linters to enforce code style, and we all have push access to production (Heroku).

Technical Challenges

Gmail notifications (eg 2-way synchronization of emails), a publisher/subscriber model to keep certain parts of the app up-to-date, calendar availability across multiple interviewers and timezones, resume parsing, continuous integration and deployment, complex user access permissions (we use Pundit), an API for third party services (which will require webhooks, rate limiting, and pagination with quick responses), reporting dashboard with data stores.

Projects you might work on
  • Migrate a customer's data from another platform over to ours

  • Speed up the API requests being served to our React app

  • Resolve ongoing customer bugs that come in through our Slack channels - one example is where we incorrectly detect a duplicate candidate profile.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at Agave

We're focused and work hard (and smart) since we're an early stage startup. We're always trying to improve our craft. We value courage, both technically and otherwise (building and deploying a large project + using radical candor when exchanging feedback). We strongly value the user experience and want to stand out as a world-class product in a sea of competitive products. We value shipping code each day and getting better. We're ambitious about creating the best possible candidate experience and that drives everything we do. We don't take ourselves too seriously.

Beautiful Office

We're located in Palo Alto, next to California Avenue. We have a private office inside of Innospring with 100 Mbps+ Internet.

Generous Vacation

Take as much time as you need with unlimited PTO. When we're here, we're focused and we work hard. When we're away, we're offline and recharging.

Flexible Hours

Our team will usually be in from 10am through 6pm, but we don't enforce any rules around this. We let you pick your schedule - whatever is most productive for you. That includes remotely working certain days out of the week.

Health Insurance

We provide medical and dental insurance.

Work from Home

Work from home one or two days per week.


We will offer up to $2,500 in relocation assistance.

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