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$2m - $5m funding
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The AgileMD cloud-based software platform integrates with hospitals, receives real-time data feeds about every patient and makes predictions and clinical recommendations that helps thousands of doctors and nurses around the country make medical decisions. Our platform helps every patient receive the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data.

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Why join us?

  • Already profitable and growing quickly. Our systems are already deployed to over 120 hospitals.

  • Making a real difference in people's lives. The most recent hospital that went live reduced heart attacks within the hospital by 57% after our algorithms were deployed.

  • Funded by Y-Combinator, part of Rock Health, and backed by top tier angel investors.

Engineering at AgileMD

Engineering team and processes

Our company has a strong engineering culture that values stable, innovative, secure and maintainable products. New projects receive engineering input from the beginning, and concerns regarding security, technical debt and feasibility are not only listened too but appreciated by individuals from other teams.

Individual engineering team members are encouraged to take on responsibility, and are given the support and tools to succeed. We see ourselves as perpetual learners. None are expected to be perfect but all are expected be constantly building on their experiences and seeking out new challenges. Success is celebrated and failure is met with a team spirit and an optimistic attitude to learn.

High level objectives are set by the team on a quarterly basis and broken into two week sprints. Engineers work directly with involved parties to spec the project and perform both 30% and 90% reviews within the sprint. At the end of the two weeks the engineer presents their work and any challenges or learnings that they encountered.

We promote a culture of documentation, reliability via tests and asynchronous communication. While balance shoulder tapping and meetings with discussion via Github issues to reduce unnecessary interruptions and provide robust documentation for why all decisions are made. Our goal is that anyone could understand the “why” and “how” of a project by reading through the archived issues and pull requests.

Technical Challenges

AgileMD is a uniquely challenging product. It has a powerful interface that communicates with the complex underbelly of hospital systems and provides a clean, robust platform that our modern tools are built on. These tools ingest, transform, and analyze large amounts of patient data in real time and make complex risk assessments and predictions within a matter of milliseconds of new data being made available. Finally, this data is presented to care providers via our integrations directly within their existing medical record systems and workflows. All of this is done across a distributed infrastructure that must provide high availability and adhere to the strictest security standards.

Projects you might work on
  • You will be building our next advanced clinical predictive algorithm. Your tools include a secure API that holds all of the standardized patient data required, a PMML file that describes the algorithm implementation and a strong engineering team to back you up.

    The solution is three part. Part 1 is the web application that lives within the EHR that doctors and nurses interact with directly to see the result of the algorithm. Part 2 is the logic for retrieving the correct data, running the algorithm and updating the patient data to reflect the output of the algorithm. Part 3 is the infrastructure for running the algorithm, traditionally we have used SQS, Lambdas and CloudWatch.

    This project is high-impact. The algorithm predicts certain life-threatening conditions with a high degree of accuracy. It will be run in real time for all patients in a hospital, and the result of the algorithm will help high-risk patients receive attention. When ready, this analytic will be deployed in a live customer environment on real patients.

  • You will be building out our next-gen metrics data collection and analysis tool. As a health care company we ingest gigabytes of patient data hourly alongside data about how our tools are used. Hidden in this data are powerful insights about patient health, how AgileMD is influencing outcomes, and how hospitals can improve.

    The solution is multifold. Tools must be selected and implemented for handling data on a massive scale. Data collection must be rethought and optimized for security and scale. And finally, a web interface must be designed for our data analysis team that gives them the power and flexibility to pull out insights from the data.

Tech stack
Elastic Search
AWS Lambda

Working at AgileMD

We care deeply about solving hard problems that directly impact people's lives and we use technology and user experience as our tools. We focus on the needs of our customers (hospitals) and their challenges in caring for their patients. Our software affects the way doctors think about caring for their patients, and after all, we are all patients.

Within our engineering team specifically, we care about code quality, maintainability, and the end product. We take a thoughtful approach to decision-making, knowing when to move fast and when to do things right. We look for teammates that work at all levels of the stack, and take ownership and responsibility for building, shipping and maintaining core features, end to end.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation policy. Taking vacation to refresh is important and encouraged.

  • Free Food

    Team meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    Every team member has a professional growth fund and is strongly encouraged to apply it to how they learn best, whether its workshops, conferences, books, classes, etc.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Founders are parents with young kids, we know how hard it can be. Maternity/paternity leave (10 weeks at 100% salary, 10 weeks at 50% salary, 10+ weeks unpaid up to a year)

  • Flexible Hours

    We care about results and output, not hours. We minimize the number of required meetings and give you flexibility to work when you're most productive.

  • Philanthropic Contributions

    As part of our social mission, we provide a portion of our services and software to non-profit organizations around the world working to improve healthcare. Today we have active deployments in Tanzania, Uganda, and soon projects in South America.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Gym/Fitness

    Free gym available at headquarters.

  • Transportation

    We subsidize train commuter expenses.

Our Team by the Numbers

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