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We provide funding to brilliant minds across the world from untraditional backgrounds to work on cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Why join us?

  • We've funded 50 people to date. By working here you'll get exposure to brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs that are researching the future of machine learning.

  • Groundbreaking research at the intersection of machine learning and human psychology.

  • We're an experienced team. Daniel works at Y-Combinator. His first company was acquired by Apple in 2013. He ran various AI teams at Apple until he became a Partner at Y-Combinator in 2017. The rest of our team are experienced engineers that have built, designed and shipped complex products in the past.

  • We're early and ambitious. Don't join if you're risk-averse.

Engineering at

Engineering team and processes

We're very small right now. Just three people. We don't have much structure. We work in Python, Ruby and Javascript. Medium term, I suspect we'll TenserFlow some models as well.

We're looking for people that don't need much process to succeed and are independently driven.

Technical Challenges

In the short term, the our challenges are psychological. How do you build a product that can identify young talent through various tests? How do you then build a community of these bright sparks, such that they help each other? If you were building the Harvard network, but entirely online, could you make it work?

This doesn't involve a lot of fancy code, but it does involve a lot of very clever product design. Longer term we'll have lots of hard technical problems around psychological personality modeling.

Projects you might work on
  • Challenge: you have a few hundred really smart people from disparate corners of the globe. Think lots of young Einsteins, Marie Curie's or Elon Musks.

    Your goal is to build software that motivates them to become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to get them to do their impressive thing (e.g. theory of relativity) — faster. How would you do that? What's a video game you can build where the reward function is productivity?

Tech stack

Working at

  • We're passionate about our cause — helping the next great set of innovators in the world succeed.
  • We're hyper-rational people that are also kind.
  • We're intrinsically interested in human psychology.
  • We're very energetic.
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