San Francisco
101 - 250 Employees
26 - 50 Engineers
$100M+ Funding
Series C

Airtable's mission is to democratize software creation. Our product allows anyone to create with a platform that anyone can use to build their own tools and workflows. See our Airtable Universe gallery for examples of what people are doing with Airtable ( ).

  • We're sweeping across certain industries: for instance, in the media vertical, our paid customers include Buzzfeed, Condé Nast, Group Nine, HBO, Starz, Spotify, Netflix, Hearst, TIme, NYTimes, and CBS. Other innovative companies like WeWork, Clover Health, and Zapier are powered by Airtable nearly wall to wall, and we're a major part of their ability to innovate at scale.

  • People don't just use Airtable, they love it ( ).

  • We recently raised a series C, bringing our total amount raised to $170M in funding from notable investors including: Benchmark, Thrive, CRV, Caffeinated Capital, Freestyle Capital, Data Collective, Founder Collective, and CrunchFund.

  • Our team brings experience from building and scaling products touching millions of people at Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft and other leading technology companies. More about us:

  • Our company is built upon a philosophical commitment to providing the best possible experience for the end user, even if it requires going to great lengths in engineering and design effort. We plan on building this company for decades to come, and while we love rapid iteration where it makes sense, we also take the time to make farsighted architectural decisions and place great emphasis on code quality over raw speed.

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Why join us?
  • Users love our product. It doesn't just provide convenience, but empowers people to accomplish ambitious creative tasks. Read what our users say about us on Twitter!

  • We have an experienced team. Our CEO Howie Liu previously founded YC-backed Etacts (acquired by Salesforce). Head of product Andrew Ofstad previously lead the redesign of Google Maps, and CTO Emmett Nicholas was a founding engineer of Stack Overflow. Other members of our team draw on experience from Facebook, Dropbox, and Google, among others.

  • We think deeply about design—of both technical architectures and end-user interactions. Our engineers have great ownership of large features or product areas and think like technical architects as well as product managers.

  • It's an ambitious and interesting meta-problem to create a horizontal lego kit product, as opposed to a simple vertical app that does one thing.

Engineering at Airtable
Engineering team and processes

Our engineers tend to have end-to-end ownership over major features.

Technical Challenges

From a backend standpoint, Airtable is a realtime collaborative database—handling concurrent edits and merge conflicts for not only data changes, but also schema changes. This involves interesting concepts like operational transforms and op-logging vs state-diffing, and also means that every nearly new feature (for instance, new view types) must be designed and implemented in a way that's performant and correct under concurrent collaboration. On the backend, we think through true CS-type problems—for instance, implementing formulas requires such concepts as topological sorts of acyclic directed graphs.

Since Airtable is a design-driven product, there's also a set of technical challenges around conceiving and implementing the most fluid UX for the end user.

Tech stack

Working at Airtable

We love polymathic people with open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity.

Generous Vacation

Major holidays + 20 days vacation.

Free Food

Catered lunch and dinner every day and fully-stocked snacks/drinks bar.


Free equinox membership.

Beautiful Office
Health Insurance

Full medical, dental, and vision benefits.

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