DevOps Engineer

Los Angeles, CA, United States, Remote • $93k - $94k • 0.051% - 0.051%

Akido Labs

Role Locations

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Remote


  • $93k - $94k
  • 0.051% - 0.051%


26 - 50 people


834 S Broadway Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA, 90014-3500, US

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • jQuery
  • React JS
  • Heroku
  • Tableau
  • Redis

Role Description

About Akido Labs

Akido is a Y combinator backed company empowering the transformation of major healthcare and government institutions to become more modern, data-driven organizations. We are building our vision to create a more equitable and prosperous world by enabling the free flow of information by connecting data networks to solve some of the most difficult problems our society faces. We have enabled deployments in supporting a nation-wide disaster preparedness network, improving health outcomes through patient behavior at one of the nation’s largest health systems and combating homelessness at ground zero in Los Angeles. Akido has assembled a diverse team of bright and motivated people who care deeply about solving these problems and making a lasting impact.

About DevOps at Akido

As a DevOps Engineer at Akido, you will be a member of a dynamic team continuously improving our AWS and on-prem deployment platforms, ensuring the highest levels of uptime, and continuing to automate as many deployment and quality assurance processes as possible.

You'll especially love DevOps at Akido Labs if you're starting in your DevOps career and are eager to be exposed to every part of the development process, ranging from managing the systems and networks they are hosted on, all the way to deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.


  • Lead and assist in small-team initiatives to continuously refine our deployment practices for improved reliability, repeatability, and security. *
  • You’ll create plans, collaborate with engineering and compliance team members, and coordinate with product and business development teams.
  • These high-visibility initiatives will help to increase service levels, lower costs, and deliver features more quickly.
  • Expand and automate our virtualized infrastructure, including software-defined networking. Write code and scripts to automate the provisioning of services and to configure services, using tools and languages including AWS CLI / API, CloudFormation, Ansible, Python, Bash, and Git.
  • Design effective monitoring/alerting and log aggregation frameworks using tools such as AWS CloudWatch, Zabbix, Elastic APM, and Splunk.
  • Help refine DevSecOps security practices (including regular security patching, minimum-permissions accounts and policies, encrypt-everything) in compliance with HIPAA and other standards regulations (such as SOC2). Clearly document and diagram deployment-specific aspects of architectures and environments, working closely with Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, and others.
  • Suggest deployment patterns and practices improvements based on learnings from past deployments and production issues, collaborate with the DevOps team to implement these.


  • Exposure to Linux in a production environment including the Linux kernel, Ubuntu, and standard software like systemd, Apache, NGINX, Postfix, etc.
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. Can understand log and error messages and leverage internet resources to identify solutions.
  • Basic understanding of Bash, Python, and/or Groovy.
  • Exposure to Configuration Management using either Puppet, Chef, Ansible or an equivalent
  • Exposure to Infrastructure as Code using CloudFormation, Terraform, or equivalent
  • Exposure to Machine/Container orchestration using Docker Swarm, ECS, Kubernetes, or equivalent
  • Ability to quickly understand and use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services.
  • Understanding of network fundamentals

You're an especially great fit for this role if you have...

  • Prior exposure to Continuous Integration using CircleCI and Jenkins
  • Prior professional experience in Configuration Management, Infrastructure as Code, and/or Machine/Container orchestration
  • Experience with HIPAA, SOC2, or other compliance regimes
  • Experience solving automation problems such as configuration management or deployment orchestration
  • Experience in privacy, security, and data protection.

About Akido Labs


Akido Labs is looking for frontend/full stack and backend engineers to join our team in Downtown Los Angeles.

We’re a Y Combinator backed company leading the transformation of major healthcare and government institutions to become modern, data-driven organizations. We believe that by building and connecting these data networks, allowing for the free flow of information, we will create the more equitable and rational world we envision. A few recent Akido deployments include developing a system to support a nation-wide disaster preparedness network, improving health outcomes by driving positive patient behavior at one of the nation’s largest health systems and combating homelessness at ground zero in Los Angeles. If projects like these excite you, we'd love for you to join us.

About Akido

Akido is a dynamic team doing big things. We care deeply about the work we do, and about how that work furthers our vision of a world in which data can be leveraged into effective action. We learn from each other, everyone’s opinion is valued, and we enjoy a dynamic, collaborative approach to developing our product. We constantly invest in the personal growth of our employees, providing opportunities to expand within the organization and pursue personal interests.

Software Engineering

As part of the Engineering team, you will be involved in all stages of the product development and deployment life-cycle: ideation, user interviews, design, planning, prototyping, execution, shipping, and iteration. The majority of your time will be spent coding, but your domain expertise and computer science instincts will enable you to create more informed plans, whether designing individual modules or making sure that multi-system integration will be robust and scalable.

Engineering at Akido is optimized for change as we are constantly faced with new challenges. We build new solutions with our clients, use them as a testing ground to perfect the feature set and then begin another solution while improving and scaling already deployed products. On the one hand, this means that comfort with deadlines and ability to ship are essential. On the other hand, it means that we have an endless supply of interesting problems and technical green fields.

Company Culture

We are: * Culturally diverse * Flexible toward the goal of getting things done * Independent and great at resolving ambiguity

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