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$5m - $10m funding
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Albedo designs and operates satellites that capture imagery at a resolution 9x higher than what's available today. We're modernizing how satellite imagery is used by providing transparent, near real-time access to our ultra-high resolution datasets.

Why join us?

  • Our founding team consists of former Lockheed Martin and Facebook engineers, with expertise in both remote sensing architecture and building ML pipelines for satellite imagery analysis

  • We are a recent Y Combinator-funded company (YC W21)

  • We're aiming to be the best imagery provider out there by being faster, more transparent, and easier to use.

Engineering at Albedo

Engineering team and processes

We are in the process of hiring our founding engineering team. Structure and engineering processes will be determined through a collaborative effort from the entire team.

Technical Challenges

We're building software to task our satellites to capture imagery of Earth. This includes building intuitive user-facing applications like a performant web-based map platform and powerful APIs for our customers to search, filter, subscribe, and purchase satellite imagery. In addition, we are building internal services that range from mission command and control for Albedo satellites, imagery collection optimization, and data pipelines to handle and process petabytes of image data.

Projects you might work on
  • You would help create one of the most performant imagery collection optimization algorithms using advanced optimization techniques.

  • You would contribute towards building a real-time, browser-based 3D model of the Earth and simulate field-of-view coverage areas from our satellites.

  • You would help build robust data pipelines from scratch to process and store terabytes of imagery on a daily basis.

Tech stack
Azure Cloud
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Albedo

Albedo is launching next-generation, ultra high-resolution imaging satellites to service a global audience through a modern, cloud-based product interface. In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for a team of people who are both passionate about our mission and are willing to put in the work to design, develop, and test an innovative earth observation concept in the commercial industry. The times ahead will be set in a fast-paced, often uncertain environment, but if you are hard-working, kind, and team-oriented, you can expect a rewarding and purposeful experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

In a historically male-dominated industry, we are making a concerted effort to hire more women into our founding engineering team. In the same fashion, we are actively trying to hire more people of color. We realize that diversity also comes from geographical and cultural differences, so we are making an effort to hire remotely as well.

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
Our Team by the Numbers

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