251 - 500 employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Pre-series a

We're the market leading blockchain intelligence platform for institutional investment, built by an all-star team from Stanford, MIT, Google, and Facebook, and backed by top investors. Our customer list is extremely selective - we only work with the top crypto hedge funds and institutions, and we power a majority of institutional assets in the space. We have investment from Charles Schwab, the founders of Paypal, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, Jay-Z, chairman of Alphabet, Naval Ravikant, Stanford University, and other top investors, founders, and execs. We're profitable and growing revenue quickly.

The team is building cutting-edge infrastructure to process and analyze the blockchain. We have lots of incredibly interesting work; we pull, process, visualize, and enable exploration of an immense amount of data - many entire blockchains, social media data, exchange data, etc. We're building many interesting and sophisticated systems to handle all this data in both real-time and on a historical timescale.

This is a chance to join an extremely talented, fast-growing, early-stage company with serious revenue. We're hiring frontend/web and backend engineers. The current team is 7 people - a group of Stanford/MIT grads (ex-Facebook, Google, Uber, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

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Why join us?

  • You'd be working at a company that is profitable and growing revenue quickly. Unlike many startups at our stage, we've quickly identified, executed, and found traction on a business need that other companies are willing to pay for. Bloomberg conducted a study of the space and called us the best company in blockchain!

  • We have incredible traction in the space and work with the highest-value customers! We work exclusively with the top hedge funds and institutions - this means we are able to draw on the best expertise and connections in the space. As a result, our company has outsized impact in the space - we power a majority of the institutional investment in blockchain.

  • You'd work with an all-star team comprised of the top graduates and engineers from Stanford, MIT, Facebook, Google, and other top companies in the Bay! The engineering team has years of deep expertise in machine learning and scalable, distributed infrastructure. This means you'll collaborate and learn from an extremely high-caliber team.

  • The company is backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley! We have personal investment from Charles Schwab, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder), Peter Thiel (Paypal founder), Jerry Yang (Yahoo founder), John Hennessy (Chairman of Alphabet), Jay-Z, Stanford University, and other founders and execs.

  • You'd have opportunities to work on cutting-edge infrastructure and incredibly interesting engineering problems, because we build infrastructure and products for the blockchain industry that nobody else in the world has built.

Engineering at Alchemy

Engineering team and processes

We're a small team and everybody is extremely talented, so we have a very flat and self-directed structure. We have a daily standup in the morning and a monthly planning session, but outside of that, we all take a lot of initiative and just get things done. We have a focus on always prioritizing the most important work for the company, while still having a fun and collaborative atmosphere. Sometimes at the end of the day we play smash :)

Technical Challenges

We have lots and lots of interesting technical challenges because nobody else in the world does what we do in the blockchain space. Here are just a couple the examples recently:

  1. Using a combination of machine learning, data analysis, homegrown algorithms, and large-scale parallel processing to identify specific patterns in the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains
  2. Building scalable systems to manage and process blockchains that are too large to be put in a relational database
  3. Building fast and scalable software to process and index blockchains that create new data and change old data very quickly
Projects you might work on
  • Example project: process the ethereum blockchain to identify certain types of activity. This involves using data analysis and machine learning, as well as investigation in order to develop new algorithms and heuristics. The blockchains are also too large to be processed locally or serially; you would need to use distributed parallel processing (e.g. MapReduce) to implement your algorithms.

Tech stack
Apache Spark

Working at Alchemy

We all feel like a family! :) Everybody is extremely talented so we have a lot of mutual respect, but everybody is also very fun, friendly, high-integrity, and collaborative. We want to do big things but also want to have fun doing it. We also realize we spend a large part of our lives together, so we treat each other really well. In addition to working really hard, we also hang out a lot - we eat lunches together, go on company outings, play smash, go climbing, go work out, play sports, etc. The last couple things we did: going to Clusterfest (a comedy festival), do a hip hop dance class, and do an escape room.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Free Food
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Beautiful Office
  • Team Activities
  • Health Insurance
Our Team by the Numbers

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