51 - 100 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

Alloy ( gives consumer goods companies deeper visibility into their supply chain. Our platform connects to multiple levels of the supply chain: manufacturing, freight, distribution, retail, e-commerce. By normalizing this data onto a unified model, we can provide intuitive analytics and predictive notifications to help our customers manage their supply chain with agility and efficiency. Ultimately, Alloy aims to transform companies' existing manual and dated processes into a streamlined digital operation.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Alloy is early-stage and already has an impressive customer list. Our customers range from established manufacturers like Ferrero and Procter & Gamble to fast-growing startups like Native and Kano.

  • We’re after an enormous opportunity. Companies lose as much as $1T per year due to inventory shortages. Our platform helps companies synchronize supply to demand and capture this value.

  • Our team has leadership experience from companies like Addepar, Apptimize, and APT. We are well-funded by Menlo Ventures and 8VC.

    “Here’s what I’ve learned about picking the right company. The software strength is linear with the quality and capability of the people in the organization. Alloy has a great team; hence, they have a software product that P&G has been willing to lean into.” - Greg Stuart, Global Supply Chain Leader at P&G

Engineering at Alloy

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering teams are structured around business goals rather than technologies. That means that team members generally contribute across the stack, though we do align engineers with their areas of interest and expertise. We believe that this organization helps engineers understand the problems they're trying to solve more deeply, and leads to a more collaborative engineering environment.

We generally follow a scrum-like methodology, though we're careful to make sure our processes solve organizational problems, rather than organizing around process. We use Clubhouse and Github to track and review our engineering work.

Code reviews are an essential part of the software development lifecycle at Alloy, and we use Jenkins for CI. We release new software 2-3 times per week.

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Alloy

Focus on what matters: - Reevaluate priorities as necessary to pick the work that will have the highest impact to the customer and the business. - Work hard in a way that is sustainable. Choose the schedule that lets you achieve your best. Measure results, not hours. - Respect your time and that of others; come prepared and leave with commitments.

Take ownership: - Take initiative by proactively identifying issues or improvements and fixing them. - Strive for excellence. Hold yourself and your colleagues to a high standard. Create something that makes you proud. - Follow through on our commitments to customers, users, and each other. - We are all doers, regardless of role — no task is beneath you.

Iterate to excellence: - Prefer action over perfection to learn quickly from early feedback. - Be flexible and accept the need to make tradeoffs and change directions. Everything is a work in progress, nothing is done. - Question prevailing assumptions, but understand them first. Gather evidence and champion ideas that will make our products and our company better. Verify and validate.

Communicate openly and respectfully: - Offer and expect transparency to build trust. - Confirm mutual understanding, especially in the face of disagreement. - Treat each other with respect. Criticize constructively — the work, not the person.

Have each other’s backs: - When interacting with each other, always assume good intentions. Trust each other and take risks together. - Give praise generously and take joy in others’ accomplishments. - Grow a diverse team by actively seeking different backgrounds and cultivating an inclusive culture. Focus on how others' strengths complement us, rather than how their weaknesses invalidate them.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours
  • Generous Vacation
  • Travel

    Alloy engineering is spread across three offices (San Francisco, Vancouver, and Berlin), and we provide a travel stipend to work from and visit other offices.

  • Team Activities
  • Health Insurance
  • Transportation
Our Team by the Numbers

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