Software Engineer - Data Partner Integrations

New York, NY, United States • $120k - $160k • 0.01% - 0.15%

Alloy APIs

Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States


  • $120k - $160k
  • 0.01% - 0.15%


101 - 250 people


41 Elizabeth St Ste 501
New York, NY, 10013, US

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Python
  • R
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search

Role Description

The Data Partner Integrations Team? Tell me more!

Alloy makes software to collect and manage customer data from many different sources. We help companies in financial services or other regulated industries safely onboard more “goodcustomers without introducing any more fraud into their systems. We connect many data sources used for identity verification into a rules engine, allowing awaterfall" of information through a series of checks across different service providers.

As the Data Partner Integrations Team, our mandate is to integrate these service providers into Alloy in order to both meet client needs and strategically drive Alloy's product forward. In addition to the data partner integrations themselves, the DPI Team is responsible for leveling up how data is integrated into the platform and has a degree of autonomy in deciding exactly what this means.

Some examples of projects currently driven by the Data Partner Integrations Team include:

Computer Vision and Machine Learning: Erik, an engineer on the DPI Team, is currently using OpenCV (an open-source computer vision library) and TensorFlow (Google's machine learning platform) on a project so experimental I can't mention it in a public job posting—guess we'll have to have a chat if you want to learn more! Custom decisionable attributes: Attributes are the core unit of data upon which clients build their custom decisioning workflows, and Calvin is currently in the design phases of a project which will allow clients and/or Alloy Solutions Architects to build custom attributes. This will allow more flexibility in how our clients work with third-party data, which is core to Alloy's value proposition. Clients which get the most value out of Alloy's platform regularly iterate on their decisioning rules to best meet business needs, and the more flexibility we can give them in tweaking these rules, the better.

Okay but WHO is the Data Partner Integrations Team?

I thought you'd never ask! My name is Jeff and I am the manager of the Data Partner Integrations Team. Engineers on the team report to me and I work with the team and other business areas throughout Alloy to guide our work. Calvin and Erik (who you will meet during the interview) are the engineers you'll be working closest with, and we also work closely with Harris and Edwina (who are responsible for understanding the data vendor landscape better than anyone—even me!), Charles (our CTO), and Tommy (our CEO who, in this context, acts as Head of Product). We also had an intern named Jeevan for the past year, but he just left us to return to Singapore and we're very sad about that. And of course the rest of Alloy, which is now roughly 50 people (wow!), 15 or so of whom work in Product and Engineering. As Alloy's first non-founding employee, I like to think I have a solid history with the company, the product, and the software which allows you (as an engineer on The DPI Team) to make a real impact!

The DPI Team, its management and work style, is a microcosm of Alloy itself—throughout Alloy you will find managers who work hard to enable engineers to make a real impact on the product, and engineers who are passionate about their work. You're probably sick of hearing about rocketships, but no, seriously: Alloy is experiencing an inflection point in its growth, and now is the time to join us in pursuing our mission of enabling safe and seamless digital financial experiences.

We're looking to hire more engineers on the DPI Team because we take our mandate to do more than just integrate new data seriously. More people on the team equals more opportunity for engineers to have the freedom to conceive of, design, and execute on projects over which they can enjoy meaningful ownership.

We'd love to meet you in person, but... ...well, you know. But this seems worth pointing out because, normally, regular in-person interactions play a key role in defining who we are as a team. By regularly having lunch with each other, working together on a whiteboard or computer, taking team bike rides, etc., we foster an environment in which people and relationships come first. But we're adapting. We're getting creative in maintaining these relationships, and I believe we can do the same to build new relationships with you! So while we are, like most, a remote-first company for now, you should expect the type of culture you'd normally get at an in-person company.

(Though worth pointing out that, even when we are back in the office, working from home and flexible hours is always allowed and encouraged—see benefits below!)

So what will I do?

-Integrate new data partners into Alloy's platform to meet client needs and help drive strategic growth of Alloy's product -Maintain and build on existing integrations -Improve observability and reliability of integrations -Take on projects to level up how we use third-party data at a fundamental level -Whatever you want—I'm not your boss (I mean I might be!). But seriously anything you can think of that builds on the mandate of The DPI Team is fair game. We're certainly going to plan our work together and we will be working on things which arise from clients and other business areas, but self-directed work is very important to this team. -Mentor and learn—you may be just starting out your career and looking for a place which will give you the skills and experience to level up as an engineer, or you may be more experienced yourself and looking for an environment in which your skills will make an impact. Either way we will learn and grow together.

What skills are you looking for?

-2+ years real world experience. If you're coming straight out of bootcamp or the like and can somehow demonstrate exceptional aptitude, then it still may be worth an -intro call. But in general I am looking for people who have at least some industry experience. I'm open to hiring applicants into both the Software Engineer level or Senior Software Engineer level depending on the needs of the team and what you bring to the table—either way I can promise engineers early in their career an opportunity to learn and grow, and more seasoned engineers an opportunity to put their well-developed skills to good use. -While we like to think of ourselves as platform-agnostic in our hiring process, realistically it helps top have experience with our tech stack, including:

-Node.js (the language you'll be working in) -Experience working with and integrating third-party APIs -SQL (Postgres but it's really all the same at the end of the day) -Git or a similar version control system -AWS (we do have a dedicated DevOps team but it's good to at least have a passing knowledge of how your code will be running in production) -Know your way around a command line -Teamwork experience! -College degree in computer science is helpful, but not necessary (my boss has a degree in history or something and he's doing just fine)

About Alloy APIs

Alloy builds identity verification APIs to protect companies and consumers from identity thieves.

Our product allows fintech companies (checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, etc) to use data to verify the identities of customers signing up for their accounts online. We provide data source integrations, a decision engine, and a robust set of analytics and reporting dashboards to decrease fraud by 50% while increasing the number of approvals by 30%.

Company Culture

We're a people-first culture. We believe that you should be able to bring your best self to work so you can do your best work.

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