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$0 - $250K Funding
Pre-Series A

Altum is a startup team of pioneers aiming to distill the latest deep learning and natural language processing research to augment the human creative potential. We integrate smart solutions for our customers by accompanying cutting edge AI research with human-centered design. We have obtained pre-seed funding, noteworthy clientele, and a talented team of UCSD alumni.

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Why join us?

  • We're funded by LAUNCH (Jason Calacanis) and Antler.

  • We're a fast-growing startup working on cutting-edge AI.

Engineering at Altum

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is small (< 5 people). We do 2-week sprints where each sprint has a focus on a specific feature or change in the product. Our process is based on lean startup approaches.

Technical Challenges

We're building the most advanced autocomplete system for the end-user. We deliver large deep learning models as a beautiful and intuitive user experience. Our autocomplete system aims to respond to users within or less than one second. This requires strong engineering at both the front-end and back-end and keeping performance in mind.

Projects you might work on
  • You get to work on a modern React front-end text editor connected with a Firebase back-end, powered by cloud functions.

  • You could be developing our chrome extension for Jenni AI to create an integrated UX.

  • You get to work on serverless functions that process requests for our ML systems.

Tech stack

Working at Altum

Be Bold

We are ambitious and non-complacent. We have a hunger to achieve against great odds. We believe that making big bold bets is better than inaction.

Be Lean

We use the least to achieve the most. We avoid waste of time and resources by directing energy to high impact endeavors.

Be Unorthodox

Everyone makes a difference by introducing new perspectives and fighting conformity. We embrace feedback while constantly challenging ideas.

Be Scholarly

Seeking the truth is of utmost importance. We strive to ensure that our knowledge never stagnates and that our decisions are driven by evidence.

Diversity and Inclusion

We hire from all over the world from any country.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home
  • Flexible Hours
Our Team by the Numbers

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