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Angle Health is a full-stack health insurance carrier delivering comprehensive healthcare benefits tailored to startups and technology companies. Angle's fully digital platform delivers a first-of-its-kind employer and member experience that centers around ease of use, personalization, and better access to care. Currently launched in Utah, Angle Health members have access to a nationwide network of healthcare providers and the company plans to expand into several additional markets. Angle Health was founded in 2019 by Ty Wang and Anirban Gangopadhyay and is backed by Y Combinator and Blumberg Capital, among others.

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Why join us?

  • Rapid Career Progression

  • Exposure and opportunity to work with Department Leads

Engineering at Angle Health

Engineering team and processes

We have tech leads that run functional parts of the front end, back end and mobile stack. Junior engineers work underneath these leads to execute goals as part of the engineering sprints. The leads work on system design and architecture as well as implementing the more complex requirements of the sprint. Junior engineers work off tickets the tech leads develop

Bi weekly sprints - at the end of each sprint and we have a feature release that then goes to QA. It goes through 1 week of QA and once it is approved it then gets pushed to product. We use Circle CI for infrastructure and Gradle for build. We run on AWS Server less

Technical Challenges

We are integrated with 20 partners. Effectively managing all the integrations is a challenge - We collect a variety of data and use machine learning to enhance operations and the member experience.

Projects you might work on
  • Currently we use AWS Lambda to host our API and Amazon ECS for our Microservice infrastructure and Django for the API layer for each of the platforms and one of the technical challenges was building an interface between Postgres DB and the API. This interface was responsible for managing and optimizing database operations such as caching, permissioning, etc.

  • Machine learning layer when a member sends a chat on the app. If its clinical it should go to a nurse if not it should go to customer support . There is an ML classifier that will route it to the appropriate party.

Tech stack

Working at Angle Health

As an early stage tech startup, Angle Health operates with a super flat structure that really allows for everyone to chime in and share their ideas. Our team culture is defined by the fact that we all have widely different personal and professional backgrounds—some of us are tech nerds, some of us are nurses, and some of us have worked in health insurance for years. What we have in common is a genuine desire to change health insurance in the US and make it really easy and simple for people to get care. Guided by a shared mission, we collaborate and support each other and live by the notion that the best idea wins.

All of our employees are offered an equity component as part of their compensation, which emphasizes our focus on creating a strong ownership culture. We want everyone to think and act like an owner of the company, which we believe will foster a stronger sense of community and joy towards people’s work life, and ultimately serve the company’s success in the long run.

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re fortunate to have a really diverse team with uniquely high representation of minorities, both in terms of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Having a diverse team is a huge advantage—in part because we make each other better and bring different perspectives to the table, but also because it allows us to better solve problems for all of our members. Our target customer segment is tech startups, and being able to put ourselves in their employee’s shoes is crucial for our success.

We’re still a very young company, and new team members will feel that there is a lot of elbow room and no strict hierarchy in place. It also means that we need people to be able to jump right in and function well without too much structure. That can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any experience from healthcare, and it’s important for us to help set our new joiners up for success. For that reason, everyone goes through an onboarding process consisting of a number of orientation sessions that introduces them to the various key functions of the business, as well as the health insurance industry.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Free Food
  • Beautiful Office
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Relocation
  • Team Activities
  • Pet Friendly
  • Gym/Fitness
Our Team by the Numbers

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