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$500K - $1M Funding
Pre-Series A

Antenna is building a platform to provide analytics for next-generation Media subscription businesses. We are helping companies transition from traditional models to build direct, long-term, recurring relationships with their customers by providing market-level and competitive analysis, and a foundational view on how consumers spend their entertainment dollar.

Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Chance to be an early (top 10) employee at a company at the intersection of the most meaningful trend in consumer media and retail – subscription services.

  • Define and build the first version of the product – and beyond. If you are obsessed with how data informs strategy, product and marketing decisions this is the role for you.

  • Set the measurement standard that will drive the next 10+ years of media and retail – helping companies who tell stories (entertainment, news, etc) succeed in the new world and ensuring a healthy media ecosystem for years to come.

Engineering at Antenna
Engineering team and processes

Our team is currently very lean (2-3 people total) and we already follow engineering best practices like code review via Github, hangouts standup, etc. We are primarily focused on the data challenges in the near-term, so our front end is essentially an internal business intelligence tool from which we can derive insights.

We are looking for strong data engineers / scientists who are critical thinkers and can combine a strong understanding of statistics and problem-solving ability with deep data engineering expertise to ship product.

Technical Challenges
  • Ingesting and integrating data from several data providers (email receipt data, credit card data, etc) in a way that end users (analysts, clients) can understand.
  • Defining metrics (churn, retention, net subscriber growth, etc) which we will use to plant a stake in the ground when speaking with clients
  • Modeling sample data to general population
  • Ensuring ~0 downtime such that our systems are reliable enough to be client-ready (and the data accuracy is never subpar)
Projects you might work on
  • Ingest data from multiple data sources and create an internal tool such that our analysts can create client reports (e.g. subscriber growth over time for competitive set) and go deeper to pull out valuable insights for client pitches.

  • Define which metrics we'll focus our platform on and how we calculate them (e.g. how do you calculate churn). Build those metrics into our data schema and ensure we're not falling into any unintended traps.

  • Build a status dashboard to make sure we are ingesting and aggregating all data from every source in a timely and accurate manner. Build alerting tools to notify us whenever any data looks incorrect (e.g. a sudden drop or rise in data). QA to figure out why this is happening (e.g. is it really a dip, is it our data provider, or is it our data systems).

Tech stack

Working at Antenna

We value people who think like owners. They take immense pride in their work and couldn't imagine doing anything but their very best. They are borderline obsessed with the problems they're solving to the point where work IS play for them.

I can promise that for the people who put 100% into this experience, they will receive all of those benefits back and much, much more.

Generous Vacation


Beautiful Office

We're working out of Bond Collective's (Greenpoint) brand new space right now

Pet Friendly

My dog is far too active to bring to work or else I would

Health Insurance

Will offer full benefits ASAP.

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