Data Analyst




Data Analytics

Role Location

  • Remote


26 - 50 people


231 Cumberland St
New York City, NY, 11205, US

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spark
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • SQL

Role Description

We’re looking for a Data Analyst to help support our customers by delivering best-in-class insights. In this role, you will be the front line of transforming our data into useful insights. You will interface directly with our data team on the one hand and our customers on the other. You will help our customers understand where they are succeeding – and where they can improve.

As a remote empathetic company, Antenna is remote-first and welcomes applicants from anywhere in the United States.

What You’ll Do

  • Support our customers in understanding the value of Antenna subscriber metrics. To do this, you will need to:

  • Develop an intimate understanding of subscriber growth, retention, and churn for each subscription business.

  • Use our proprietary interface to analyze subscribers by service, distributor, plan, user cohort, and other data needs from our customers.

  • Develop and analyze key subscriber cohorts across subscription businesses.

  • Build customer reports that showcase a compelling story about relevant and timely metrics.

  • Utilize analytical and technical skills to extract insights from Antenna data. This includes:

  • Running custom queries to uncover interesting stories in subscriber trends.

  • Audit data for any inconsistencies and mine for solutions.

  • Collaborate with data engineering and data science teams to launch new products and services.

Who You Are

  • Strong knowledge and experience with SQL and Excel (2+ years)

  • Strong knowledge and experience in using business intelligence tools (e.g. Looker, Redash).

  • Strong data QA, pattern recognition, and error auditing skills.

  • Able to organize and analyze large amounts of information with great attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Able to present insights in a clear and compelling way via custom presentations or in writing.

  • A self-starter who is successful in rapidly changing environments where priorities shift often.

  • Bonus: interested in the subscription economy and how data can help inform customer decision making.

  • Bonus: experience working with complex ETL systems or data science models.

About Antenna

We’re Antenna, a data and analytics startup that aims to expand knowledge of subscriber behavior so brands can entertain, inspire, and empower the world. We provide benchmarks across all key metrics so our customers can know what “good” looks like, gain the market intelligence they need to build a best-in-class business, and discover insights to inform their strategic decision making. Antenna is quickly becoming the market standard for subscription analytics. We have defined product/market fit, secured household names as clients, and are hitting hyper-growth mode.

Company Culture

While we are a growing group of diverse backgrounds and personalities, there are aspects of the team and our culture that is true to everyone at Antenna:

We live our values:

  1. Act with integrity. Trust isn’t something we can claim — it’s something we earn. And not just once, but with every action we take. Our success relies on the confidence our stakeholders place in us and the confidence we place in each other. That’s why doing the right thing for us is never a choice, it’s the only option.

  2. Engage with diligence. Our work is defined by the care and precision we bring to every detail. In our relentless pursuit of knowledge, we ask and answer all the questions we can. We move faster and scale larger by getting things deeply right the first time.

  3. Communicate with respectful candor. Effective and open discourse is an act of respect. It enables growth by requiring participants to interact with empathy and orient around solutions. It also helps us move faster together by eliminating the meta-work that opaqueness generates.

We actively map ourselves towards intended outcomes. You invest the time to be thoughtful and considerate about the opportunities in front of you, and you work towards the goal in a manner that is rigorous, dependable, and steadfast.

We proactively communicate. As a fully autonomous employee with total agency to accomplish your objectives, proactively communicating with your teammates and customers is an expected behavior. In fact, you will regularly use this as a tool to mitigate risk, align team members, and drive Antenna forward.

We have a major bias towards action. The best way for an Antenna employee to grow in knowledge and experience is to jump in and learn by doing. We encourage you to try, experiment, and learn through action.

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