26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Series a

Apollo is an intelligent, data-first engagement platform helping sales and marketing teams to connect their solutions with those who need them most.

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Why join us?

  • We are happy that we deliver value to over 5,000 corporate customers who trust Apollo to accelerate their sales engine.

  • With a solid recurrent revenue and $9.5MM in funding raised from prestigious Silicon Valley investors, Apollo is on track to be a major player in the sales world by 2020!

  • Our engineering team takes pride in the close collaboration that has led to the development of a solid and well-thought out platform. A quite impressive platform, per our customers' comments. We put our intellectual curiosity first and we work closely as a team with transparency at all levels. If you are looking to solve great problems and build an impressive product, alongside talented engineers who will challenge you (for sure!), Apollo is the place for you.

Engineering at Apollo.io

Engineering team and processes

The team consists of 8 engineers and has a very flat structure. Most of our engineers are product engineers and operate at full-stack capacity. We also have 2 DevOps engineers. 4 of our team members are based in San Francisco and 4 are remote.

For our process, we run bi-weekly sprints. The team gets together every 2 weeks to do the planning and break all tasks together. During the sprint, everyone will grab items from the sprint-board and focus on those. Often times we have multiple engineers working on the same project/s and there are cases that there are multiple projects going on at the same time.

Technical Challenges

Performance and Accuracy: Often times the challenge in our work comes from the data we handle. We always use a pretty massive dataset and we need to make sure that our code makes efficient database and network calls. When we are dealing with data synchronization we have to dig into the data itself and figure out the right algorithm to ensure our data is accurate.

Integrations: We also have integration with external services (Salesforce and Hubspot) and many challenges arise because we need to make sure there is no risk condition when we are doing push and pull with external services. And we need to be extremely careful with not messing up the customers' CRM data. :)

Projects you might work on
  • We are working on a massive billing restructuring project. We revamped our billing system to support self-signup and self-serve and we built the system on top of the stripe integration.

  • We've built our own analytics platform from scratch using ElasticSearch. That was really fun! It empowers our users to slice and dice their sales data very easily and efficiently.

  • We built our own scoring engine using ElasticSearch. It now gives real-time updates to the scores of a contact or account and allows our users to prioritize the hot contacts or accounts according to their engagement activity and demographic data.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Elastic Search

Working at Apollo.io

We do not have Kombucha on tap... sorry :)

Jokes aside. We get a lot of satisfaction by working very closely as a team and solving interesting business and product problems with a group of really smart people. We know we are here to do some real work that affects thousands of customers and we take pride in bringing them solutions. Every Friday at the All Hands meeting we celebrate a customer story and how we brought them value or solved their pain points.

The team is very driven and committed to success, but there is great life-work balance. There are times that we have to push hard for a project and then we will take a day off or go out as a team and celebrate all the hard work.

The team is very respectful and inclusive and we have made a lot of friends at Apollo. The leadership values good teamwork, curiosity, high integrity and accountability. We all share our weekly goals on Monday and do a retrospective on Friday to celebrate accomplishments and discuss blockers and lessons learned. This way we are very aligned with how the company is doing, but also how each team is doing. Transparency is definitely high at Apollo.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We have a flexible vacation policy and people travel A LOT at Apollo!

  • Free Food

    We provide catered meals daily in the SF office. And every Wednesday we do a run to the Food Trucks Alley and then have lunch at the park. We have a ton of snacks (mostly healthy ones), breakfast, fruits and drinks. And we also offer dinner for employees who end up working past 6pm.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're located by the Salesforce building in downtown SF. The views to downtown and Market street are amazing! It's a great location in terms of commute from any location in the Bay and also a fun neighborhood with lots of cafes, restaurants and bars for a happy hour.

  • Pet Friendly

    Our office is very pet-friendly. We have Dexter and Olivia, our favorite beagle and pug in the world!!!

  • Company Retreats

    As a company we have a number of happy hour events and the Eng team will do daily retreats and outings on a monthly basis.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    We have a great package of paid maternal/paternal leave. 22 weeks for mothers and 12 weeks for fathers. New parents loved that!

  • Flexible Hours

    Our eng team is typically in the office between 10am and 5 or 6pm, but there is a lot of flexibility. When people want to work from home they just do that. As long as we are moving well as a team, no one cares about when you are in the office. We also have many of engineers working completely remotely.

  • Health Insurance

    We have full medical, dental and vision coverage. Gold plans are awesome! And the company covers 80% of the premium costs for employees and 50% for dependents.

  • Team Activities

    We do a lot of team activities. Aside from the ad-hoc happy hours almost every week, we try to go out monthly as a team and have fun (escape rooms, bouldering, arcade, etc).

  • Transportation

    We have a commuter benefits plan where you can use pre-tax dollars for your commute expenses.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We offer a 401K plan, but currently we are too small to offer company matching.

  • Work from Home

    There is a lot of flexibility to work from home and people do that a lot. Some ad-hoc, some on a regular basis.

Our Team by the Numbers

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