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The Siri team at Apple is split into two groups. The Core Siri group builds all the infrastructure to connect Siri with Apple products, and the Proactive Intelligence group takes the intelligence software Siri has built and applies it to other Apple products

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Why join us?

  • Apple is the largest company in the world and one of the few that builds its own hardware and software. Working at Apple gives you the chance to learn firsthand how the best product company in the world designs products and ships them at scale.

  • Many of the engineering leaders at Siri joined the company through a startup acquisition and they are keen to build a startup culture with big company resources. Siri has its own culture and functions as a 200 person team with support from the main Apple organization. You get to work on the problems of scale at a big company at close to the speed of a startup.

  • Siri is strategically very important to Apple. Amazon and Google have competing products and Apple's leadership believes voice recognition will drive the next generation of consumer hardware. This means we get the full attention and support of the executive team, including Tim Cook the CEO.

Engineering at Apple

Technical Challenges

Siri is working on hard machine learning problems and applying the results to improving Apple's software products. This is a good opportunity for software engineers who want to work alongside the world's best Machine Learning experts and learn from them.

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