Backend Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


11 - 25 people


320 Alabama St Apt 2
San Francisco, CA, 94110, US

Tech Stack

  • Go
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • React
  • Angular.js
  • AWS
  • CUDA
  • C++
  • Tensorflow

Role Description

Aquabyte’s backend must be able to process a steady flow of images from thousands of underwater cameras around the world. Our infrastructure need be fast, reliable, and well equipped to handle the computer vision and deep learning models cooked up by our research team. The underlying data storage system needs to be complex enough to train neural networks and yet nimble enough for rapid user-facing product development. We are in the early stages of architecting solutions to these challenges, and are looking for fresh ideas.

Our customer base is rapidly scaling throughout the next year, and we are seeking a Senior Backend Engineer to help drive our cloud infrastructure forward.

What you'll do: * Work alongside the research and product teams to scope new backend projects and design API endpoints. * Build production pipelines for data ingestion from on-site camera hardware. * Build and operate high-quality infrastructure and services for core product needs. * Design database schemas and scale our infrastructure.

Who you are: * You have 3+ years of industry experience. * You have experience with distributed systems, databases, and backend performance optimization. * You have familiarity building production-scale ETL data pipelines and web applications * You enjoy refactoring code, and making confusing logic simple and easy to understand. * You are entrepreneurial, motivated by ownership and feel empowered by collaboration.

About Aquabyte

We are one of the few companies applying machine learning / computer vision to directly solve the world’s food sustainability issues.

Fish farming is the #1 fastest growing sector of food production - a $160B worldwide industry. By improving fish farm efficiency, we help close the world’s impending protein deficit.

We work on very challenging distributed image processing and machine learning problems, and our work has direct relevance on the world’s food chain. Come join us!

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Company Culture

We rely on our intuition and intention - We reward intellectual curiosity and debate. We encourage people to work on projects they find worthwhile as they may yield products and ideas that may add enormous value. We encourage people to be aware of what they are building rather than merely going through the motions - People should be learning in their current roles and learn about other roles in the organization. This helps share and build intuition across the company. A minimum of 5 - 10% of our time should be spent learning. - We believe that the best products are built from first principles and intuition rather than from someone telling us what to do. This is a harder road to take, but it will allow us to build a better product overall and allows us to scale the team laterally.

We are pragmatic and maximize efficiency - We value getting something done in a practical manner. Often this means doing 20% to get 80% of the value, and prioritizing the 20% over time. - We aim to maximize efficiency of everyone’s time. Often, this means having work-life balance such that we can work optimally and not get burned out. Take time off when you want, work when you want, but be optimally efficient. - We share information freely and everyone has access to everyone in the company, there are no secrets. By everyone knowing, everyone is able to develop intuition and work better together - We should over-communicate to ensure that things are done efficiently, and issues are triaged. We should speak and engage and disagree tactfully.

We believe in individual exceptionalism - Everyone on our team should be entrepreneurial in their own right and treat the company as their own. Projects should be championed and promoted laterally across the organization instead of top-down. - Everyone on our team is expected to push the envelope on what they are working on. If we hire exceptional folks everyone is held to a high standard. - Everyone is nice and kind to each other.

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