Silicon valley
11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Pre-series a

Armory accelerates software deployment velocity through automation and safety

...while expediting 'time to value' and boosting developer efficiency.

As enterprises move from data centers into the cloud, break monoliths into microservices, and look to deploy workloads to the optimal multi-cloud target environment (and generally move faster, safely), they'll need Armory's enterprise Spinnaker distribution, which enables sophisticated multi-cloud deployment strategies that leverage advanced features like: 1-click rollbacks, automated canaries, certified deployment pipelines, automated load testing, SLA-driven rollouts/rollbacks, red/black deployments, chaos engineering and flexible deployment pipelines. 

  • Armory is enterprise Spinnaker. We help our customers accelerate their global deployment velocity through automation & safety. Here's an overview.
  • Install and use Armory Spinnaker for free
  • Our Enterprise Edition includes additional enterprise features & support detailed here.

More background on Spinnaker & Armory:

Netflix created Spinnaker when it moved from data centers to the cloud a decade ago, and they recently open-sourced it. Spinnaker is a multi cloud-native software continuous delivery & infrastructure management platform for deploying safely & continuously to AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Azure, OpenStack, DC/OS, Oracle's BMC & others. Importantly, Spinnaker deploys infrastructure, not applications — aka immutable deployments. 

For those not as familiar w/ immutable infrastructure / lifting & shifting workloads to cloud / breaking monoliths into microservices / service ownership, etc, we highly recommend:

Matt explains Armory and Spinnaker: About Armory

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Why join us?

  • What would it have been like to be one of the first 25 employees at Github or Amazon? Just as Github has built a really valuable and meaningful business around Git, and Amazon's AWS has around Linux, Armory is commercializing Spinnaker, an open-source continuous delivery platform that enables Netflix to deploy software thousands of times per day.

    94% of business are moving from data centers into the cloud over the next five years. As they do, they'll need to re-think how they deploy software to production. Spinnaker is a multi-cloud-native software deployment platform that powers Armory.

    Armory helps engineers get their code to production, safer and faster. This allows them to spend their time adding value to their company in other ways. It's a great feeling as an engineer to see people using the code you write instead of it sitting on a shelf waiting to be deployed.

    More broadly, Armory is enabling companies to reduce their time to value by enabling them to ship software faster. This makes them more efficient, enables them to be more innovative, and respond to market pressures faster. We are powering the software revolution that will separate the next generation of winners from the losers that can't make the switch.

  • We are about a year old and have paying customers. We are quickly approaching $1M in annual recurring revenue. We also have a group of companies we work with called technology partners that we are able to test features with quickly without impacting the business of our target customers.

  • Our founders have multiple successful exits together. This is the first company we haven't wanted to sell (and we're doing 10 year founder vesting to show that we're serious about it).

    We believe the culture of a company is its operating system. We are a tribe. We believe in supporting each other as people working to achieve a common goal, not just as employees. You can get a peek under the hood of the culture of Armory at

Engineering at Armory

Engineering team and processes

Our mission is to drive engineering velocity for our customers. We are a small engineering team who are insanely driven by solving customer problems. We're passionate about software development, cloud architecture, microservices, containers and tooling that enables engineering teams to be more efficient.

The engineering team is part of the weekly product experiments and is involved from ideation to feature delivery. We use slack to communicate with each other. More importantly all of our customers are invited to our Slack workspace for real-time feedback on newly developed features.

We move quick and try to deliver at least 1 new experiment every week. In order to accomplish this goal we highly value automation. After peer code review, a merge to master delivers the code directly to production, all fully automated. Our deployment pipeline is composed of automated tests, canarying and blue/green deployments.

We're also part of a growing OSS community that includes Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Target, Box and many others. The community has more than doubled this past year. This requires us to collaborate outside of our immediate engineering team and be part of something larger than ourselves.

Technical Challenges

We use data to inform everything that we do. Our biggest challenge is connecting the dots between disparate data sources within our customers site to inform them where bottlenecks exist and how to remove them.

Another challenge is identifying problems that customers don't even know they have and devising unique solutions that will get engineers to change their behavior to employ best practices.

Due to our involvement in OSS, software architecture becomes a major part of any discussion. Implementing a solution that will work within a very large OSS project is always difficult problem.

Projects you might work on
  • Automated Canary Analysis - This project involves gathering sources of data during a deployment and employing statistical analysis and machine learning methodologies to predict the success or failure of a deployment based on metrics important to the business.

Tech stack
Stack at the bottom of
Spring MVC

Working at Armory

When we started Armory, we wanted to build something special. Not just a special product, but also a special company that would thrive long-term. Part of company-building is defining its culture, because the culture is the operating system of the company. It’s the environment in which every decision is made — for example, it defines how employees act when the the leaders aren’t in the office.

People often talk about culture and how important it is, but many people don’t know why. Here are just a few reasons why having a strong, intentional culture is critical to the long-term success of Armory:

  1. A strong culture fosters trust. If you have a high level of trust with your co-workers, the breadth and depth of communication required to get things done sharply decreases.

  2. A company without a strong culture (and trust) must implement strict rules and processes to get anything done. “Before you can ship X out the door, it needs to signed off on by three managers.” However, with a strong culture, you don’t need as many rules. For example, think about your relationship with your significant other or spouse, your parents, your siblings, and other family members. You know how things work within those cultures, and what each person’s expectations are without writing everything down.

  3. When your company is growing, there are lots of reasons to stay: Career development, learning opportunities, wealth, etc. Everything is great. But a typical startup will experience between two to five WFIO (“We’re F’d, It’s Over”) moments. During the bad times, your company will have a mass exodus if the culture is not strong because there will literally be no reason to stay. Companies with strong cultures tend to dig in even deeper when they are faced with adversity and this often means the difference between the startup’s life or death.

We are building a tribal culture, which means we prioritize not just our employees, but the significant others and families that enable us to succeed every day.

Here are some elements of Armory's culture that define our operating system:

• We are customer-driven. One hour with a customer is worth 8 hours in the office. We are building Armory as a series of Russian stacking dolls with the customer at the center.

• The tribe is not built from 9am to 5pm.

• We have a one line expense policy: Do what’s right for the company. We trust all of our employees and everyone gets a company credit card.

• Transparency: Everything is open. Salaries, Cap table, Income statements, bank statements, etc

• We use Jeff Bezos’ Type 1 vs. Type 2 decision-making framework for effective decision making. Type 2 Decisions are like walking through a door — if you don't like the decision, you can always go back. Generally, we optimize for velocity in our actions, and we default to “Type 2” mode: We make the best decisions we can with the information we have (vs. waiting for better information). Type 1 Decisions are not reversible, and we are very careful making them, so this doesn’t happen to us. Part of recognizing a Type 1 decision is ensuring everyone feels like they can raise a flag and say “This is a Type 1 Decision.” There are some times when we optimize for trust (i.e., “trusted brand”) vs. just velocity: When we code, we have someone else review pull requests; we don’t merge our own work except on an exception-basis. When we produce public content, we have someone else review the post before publishing it (just like coding).

Once we make a decision, we all get “on the bus” about it even if we don’t all agree with it. We ensure those dissenting feel heard and understood before we commit to a decision. Any new data that can affect any decision is grounds for re-examining the decision, and is welcomed.

We highly value retrospectives to improve our future decision making. We retrospect with each other and with our customers on a regular cadence. Retrospectives are a safe place to share & prioritize concerns and then iterate on solutions. Anyone in the tribe can schedule an ad-hoc retrospective on any topic.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We offer a minimum of 2 weeks paid vacation and unlimited PTO. If you have a dr appt, parent-teacher meetings, jury duty, voting/elections, etc. that is not vacation. We want our people to relax and recharge on vacation. If you have not taken a vacation in the past year we will schedule one for you.

  • Free Food

    We provide lunch every day and if you ever have to work beyond 6pm the company will pay for your dinner. We also stock the office with any drinks or snacks that you would like to have.

  • Gym/Fitness

    We encourage fitness, and we especially encourage tribal fitness, where we exercise together. You can expense $50/month towards a gym membership. If at least two tribals exercise together on a regular basis.

  • Travel

    We pay for a companion ticket for any Armory-sponsored travel. Bring your spouse/partner/family and make a weekend of it! You can also have your partner/family stay in your Armory-expensed hotel room.

  • Beautiful Office

    We are located in downtown San Mateo, very close to the Caltrain and within a ten minute walk of hundreds of restaurants.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    We offer a generous Maternity/Paternity leave for all new parents. Our parental leave applies to any kind of new parent (birthing, adopting, or having a child via surrogacy), any gender.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We’ll send you to conferences to learn new skills, what would you like to be better at? We support you. Knowledge is power!

  • Health Insurance

    Armory covers 100% of tribals’ healthcare cost of our base plan. We also cover 75% of dependent costs. We offer a range of plans to choose from and offer dental and vision as well.

  • Team Activities

    We are fostering a tribal culture and regularly plan activities outside of work where employees can get to know each other better. We’ll cover the entrance fee (for both you and your spouse/partner!) for any competitive physical events (races, triathlons, etc) you enter where at least one other tribal enters as well. One of our core philosophies is that “The tribe is not built from 9 to 5” and we want to encourage everyone to get to know each other as people, not just at-work professionals. Fun events like these are great for that.

  • Relocation

    We are happy to pay for relocation for people that join us.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Work from Home

    We prefer to have the team in the office so they can work closely together but we know that sometimes things come up and you may need to be at home for the day. We let our engineers work from home when needed.

  • Other

    Armory will cover the cost of your phone and your significant other’s phone, if you switch to Armory’s VerizonWireless company plan.

  • Transportation

    We offer pre-tax transportation dollars and pay into it monthly.

Our Team by the Numbers

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