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11 - 25 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
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Arthur AI is the first production AI monitoring platform, giving enterprises the tools to detect model issues proactively, in real-time to maximize their effectiveness. The Arthur AI platform brings auditability and transparency to black box models, and can be configured to monitor for unwanted bias.

Arthur’s Trusted AI platform offers a single pane of glass to all of your production models, outlining where models may be inaccurate due to any one of many statistical metrics

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Why join us?

  • We are industry veterans with deep expertise in ML who saw the innate need for this product in our previous jobs with Adam Wenchel, formerly head of Capital One’s Machine Learning Center of Excellence, John Dickerson, NSF scholar and Google/Facebook fellow, Liz O’Sullivan, formerly Director of Customer Solutions at AI startup Clarifai, and Priscilla Alexander, formerly Director of ML Engineering at Capital One. Collectively, the team has been featured in many national print news, radio, and television segments on fair and trustworthy AI.

  • We are in the early stage of the company where individual engineers can have a tremendous amount of influence over the technical implementation & strategy. We're looking for engineers who have that type of ambition and drive.

  • We recently acquired seed funding from top SF & NY VCs with connections & knowledge in our target market. They are especially excited about the space we are in and the marketing that we are targeting because it continues to grow every day. The need to have radical transparency in models, avoid bias, and ensure model prediction quality in production is rapidly expanding as more industries adopt AI. More regulatory scrutiny requiring this sort of platform is also emerging.

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Engineering at Arthur

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team has 1-week sprints with engineering pushing code to production through CICD processes. While we hire people with specialized skills in software, ML, data, front-end, and site reliability engineering, we expect everyone to swarm together, wearing different hats if necessary, to ship product to our customers.

Technical Challenges
  • As a monitoring platform, we need to consume petabyte-scale data with high-performant analytics pipelines built on top of that data.
  • We will need to be both cloud-native for our multi-tenant platform and available on-prem for enterprise customers. We need an architecture that will easily support both.
  • We are at the forefront of explainability & bias tools for production models. There will be a lot of UX & data visualization features that we will need to delight our customers. We will have to be creative & experimental in discovering what works best.
Projects you might work on
  • You will build new visualizations to support explainability in computer vision using libraries like LIME.

  • You will build streaming architectures to consume information about live production models, create metrics off of the time-series data, and optimize the ability to pull this data quickly for our dashboard.

  • You will build a highly-resilient, scalable infrastructure using the latest infrastructure-as-code tools, using containers to ensure consistency between environments and portability between cloud & on-prem.

Tech stack

Working at Arthur

We are a scrappy, highly motivated team with varied & diverse backgrounds, who value honest feedback, transparency, and collaboration in order to make our product & our processes better. We are early enough in our journey that our next set of hires can influence the culture!

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    ArthurAI has an unlimited vacation policy.

  • Health Insurance
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Pet Friendly

    Our NYC office allows dogs!

Our Team by the Numbers

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