26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Pre-series a

We're a cloud-based total compensation platform that helps startups and growth-stage companies make better compensation decisions faster. With Assemble, companies can ensure compensation decisions across their teams are fair, equitable, competitive, consistent, and explainable.

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Why join us?

  • Our team previously managed the compensation practice at a fast growing company that went from Seed to Series D in <5 years. We've seen a lot of the issues our customers are facing and have a great understanding of how to solve them!

  • Building a diverse and inclusive culture is a top priority. Our Founding team is comprised of two underrepresented Founders (1 female, 1 Latinx). Our entire team is passionate about eliminating pay inequity and part of that is building a strong

  • We have a strong set of initial customers and a waiting list companies waiting to test our platform :)

Engineering at Assemble

Engineering team and processes

You'll be joining a small, focused engineering team. As a small company, we operate with a single-level management structure and make engineering decisions collaboratively.

We've taken care to develop practices that help us work quickly and efficiently with high quality. Logistically, we plan projects in Asana with our cross-functional stakeholders. As we get closer to development, we move work items to a GitHub board and actively collaborate during development by regularly pair-programming, engaging in code review, working with our designer, and engaging with others. We're currently setting up our production infrastructure and intend to deploy often.

As an early team member, you'll have the opportunity to shape these processes and help us all work better together.

Technical Challenges

We're in the early stages of developing our product, so we're tackling lots of system design challenges. You'd be a big part of this if it's up your alley!

Compensation can be confusing. We're up against a lot of jargon and complicated concepts. We're really focused on making all of this clear to users who might have found other products or processes intimidating. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to best model our data and how to design our user interactions, and there's plenty of room for you to bring your ideas and insights to the table in this area.

We have lots of ideas on this but would love to hear yours!

Projects you might work on
  • Build an importer for a new type of data, design the APIs to expose it to our portal, and work with our designer to implement an intuitive user flow for exploring the data, incorporating it into existing views and adding new ones if necessary.

  • Build a new chart or other visualization to help users explore data that's currently presented in a table or other format.

  • Improve our deployment automation so that we can deploy faster, with higher confidence, and with less effort.

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Assemble

We are a mission-driven team that believes in creating an environment of psychological safety where everyone can speak their minds comfortably without any reservations.

We deeply care about each other and are determined to build a high-functioning team around a shared set of virtues, passion for our mission, and — serendipitously — a passion for cooking! Who knew?

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance

    We provide flexible medical and dental coverage via Savvy

  • Team Activities

    Every Thursday we have down time where we all get together with no agenda and just enjoy each others' company.

    Every Friday we run Weekly Retros to reflect how we're doing, where we're heading, highlight things that are going well and correct areas where we're lacking. We believe in continuous improvement and this is one of our favorite practices :D

  • Other

    We offer a 401(k) program via Human Interest

  • Free Food

    We are still a small startup, but we have a shared love for food and each others' company. Every Friday we have free food and eat together, talk about a range of subjects, visions for the future, past memories, and personal and company goals.

    We have rotating food choices every Friday, where we all eat the same cuisine (order from home for the time being given shelter in place). It's a great way to make us all feel like we're closer together :)

Our Team by the Numbers

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