11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$0 - $250K Funding
Pre-Series A

We're a company focused on building data transparency solutions. As a first, we’re building a first-of-its-kind social discovery platform for investments in real estate - Aasthy

Why join us?

  • We're tacking a Trillion Dollar (India alone) transaction market fixing a problem that no large organization even wants to get fixed. We're providing social derisking in Real Estate! Join us early, and you'll have a share of a billion dollar org!

  • Our core team has a strong background in technology that leverages social behaviours across hundreds of millions of users (100,000,000x !). We use the latest and greatest open source technology wherever possible.

  • You will find the right mix of engineering and entrepreneurship that could one day help you build your own startup. The best exposure you can get!

Engineering at Astutegiraffe

Engineering team and processes

Unlike typical large engineering setups and like a few scalable setups, we do not define release cycles, but we plan short term outcomes on a weekly basis. At this stage, we have a flat structure. There is a management structure for the sake of sanity, but every engineer has access to information across the org. The engineering team iteratively with other functions like design and business to spec out features and products. At this point, we do not distinguish testing and developing - every engineer tests his/her code simulating production environment wherever possible and gets his/her check-ins (PRs) reviewed by a peer or a senior (in urgent situations) and releases new code to production by himself/herself! We believe in the concept of quick release to push new products/features/mini-features/bug-fixes in as many small chunks as possible, so that our efforts to improve user experience are realised instantly!

Technical Challenges

Dealing with millions of large field data points on every request to provide as real-time results as possible is a big deal. While many orgs try and have a pseudo-real-time setup, we still like to see things change real time :) At the same time, crunching numbers to with predictions at an individual asset level vs cluster level vs a city level is a not a straightforward problem to deal with!

Projects you might work on
  • Every engineer would eventually have to work on all areas of our stack (we don't like classifying people into backend/frontend/data etc.). One area of work is our cross-platform React application.

  • Every engineer would eventually have to work on all areas of our stack (we don't like classifying people into backend/frontend/data etc.). Another area of work is our data acquisition engine which captures real estate data on a daily basis from the internet.

  • Every engineer would eventually have to work on all areas of our stack (we don't like classifying people into backend/frontend/data etc.). Another area of work is our data pipeline which includes continuous iterations of clustering and prediction models written in high performance languages.

Tech stack
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Working at Astutegiraffe

We do not have ideals, we have only practicality. Our culture is to make something work, and continuously improve its quality - be it in engineering or business. In other words, we never strive to build for perfection, but at the same time, every iteration (think every day) is usually more optimised than the previous. Status quo is failure for us.

Diversity and Inclusion

To begin with, we try and avoid stereotyping as much as possible. Unless something is business critical, we are open to evaluating all kinds of people - for example, we have never used a university grade as a benchmark till date.

Our company culture at any point in time is defined by its current set of employees. We stay up to date with what all employees feel as a group by constantly having town halls and all hands where we appreciate everyone opening up.

A dozen loving and caring arms to provide for whatever is required to make one more successful than the present.

Perks & benefits
  • Gym/Fitness

    Our office has access to a full fledged gym with an instructor (temporarily suspended due to Covid situation).

  • Beautiful Office

    We have a private space in WeWork Salarpuria Symbiosis in Bannerghatta road. Look it up, we have started disliking WFH during lockdowns mainly because of the amazing workspace. Looking forward to the Covid situation becoming better so that we can leverage our office space much better.

  • Team Activities

    We have fun events every Saturday. We do basic activities like Dumb charades and Pictionary now - hopefully more fun events with a larger team!

  • Work from Home

    As long as your team and yourself are not affected by WFH in anyway, we don't have a limitation at all!

Our Team by the Numbers

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