Lead Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States • $120k - $140k • 2.0% - 3.0%


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


  • $120k - $140k
  • 2.0% - 3.0%


11 - 25 people


1890 Clay St Apt 1401
San Francisco, CA, 94109, US

Tech Stack

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Vue.js

Role Description


Autobound is an innovative sales automation and enablement company headquartered in San Francisco. We are a dynamic, diverse and data-driven company. We have an opening for our Director of Software Engineering position. We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is looking to grow their career in a fast-paced environment.

Job Description

The ideal candidate will be an experienced backend software engineer to help us design and implement key components of our B2B Sales Enablement platform. This individual will be a part of a team of developers responsible for building highly scalable micro-service oriented back-end solutions. This is a ground-floor opportunity potential growing to an executive role for the right candidate.

The candidate will:

-Design key components of our B2B Sales Enablement platform in collaboration with external developers. -Implement the best in class software design, development & deployment techniques -Act as a single point of contact for a remote development team. -Manage all aspects of technical and system documentation. -Hire and train the required technical staff. -Lead problem solving and resolution of day-to-day technical design issues. -Collaborate with founders, advisors, external front and back-end engineers to understand requirements, recommended architectural solutions, quality, and operational metrics -Work across multiple facets of the project and juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time.

To really excel in this role, you should be:

-Passionate about the application of data science and its applications in B2B solutions -Familiar and interested in CRM applications and sales technology -Resourceful and able to drive towards results in a start-up style environment -An enthusiastic self-starter, leader and team player who is eager to learn and excel in a fast-paced company -An excellent analytical and problem-solver who can communicate effectively to bridge the business and technical teams


-4+ years of software engineering experience as part of a larger team developing scalable, robust B2B backends using NodeJS. -3+ years of experience and expert knowledge in one of the modern, strong typed, structural languages such as Go, Rust or Kotlin -Expertise in NoSQL, specifically MongoDB, practical experience with traditional RDMSs such as Postgres & MySQL. -Experience deploying & managing modern infrastructure stacks (Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, TerraForm) using public clouds (AWS/GCP). -Experience in implementing continuous delivery methodologies. -Experience developing, testing and deploying APIs -Experience building applications based on Microservices Architecture -Capability to set the direction for & explain complex technology integration -Strong teamwork skills, experience working with remote teams -Passion for continuous learning

Nice to have:

-Knowledge of web technologies HTML/Javascript/Angular/Typescript and debugging of web applications -Experience with CRM application development and familiarity with the landscape of sales technology -Proficient with Python, R, Java, and other important ML and analytics languages (e.g. R, Scala), and experience in using Agile/Scrum methodologies is a plus -Experience with AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras or PyTorch -Experience with cloud DBs such as Spanner & Aurora

Work Requirements:

-Third-party candidates are not being considered at this time -Candidates must have valid authorization to work in the US for any employer as a W-2 employee. -Candidates must be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, no relocation assistance is available.

About Autobound

Businesses have no effective platform for buyer and seller engagement.

Autobound provides an integrated sales platform that facilitates efficient engagement between buyers and sellers.

Company Culture

Be respectful and humble. To everyone — always. Solve root problems. Understand why we do what we do. We do things because they are the right, not because they are easy. Success and impact depend on us getting to the heart of a problem. Challenge conventional wisdom and rethink solutions.

Debate, decide, and commit. Stay educated and well informed. Take and receive feedback. Challenge the status quo. Once a decision is made, commit and execute as a team.

Play ahead, not from behind. Commit, then act. We empower people and teams by providing context, autonomy, and responsibility. Great contributors own problems and execute. Great managers get work done by setting context, not by control.

Highly aligned, loosely coupled. Align teams around goals, establish accountability, and move quickly with autonomy. We scale through teams that work independently with clearly defined interfaces and trust.

Be scrappy and nimble. We are limited by time and money. Optimize for both. Use process to increase our speed and results — not for its own sake. Be ruthless with your and others’ time. Hire yourself out of a job.

Build with empathy. We do great work by understanding the success of our customers and developers, end users of their products, and each other. The most competitive products are accessible, inclusive, and avoid bias.

Collective IQ. We work as teams because individual perspectives are incomplete and individual input counts. A diversity of perspectives broaden the signal we can see, so listen actively to colleagues, customers, and surroundings.

Deliver results. We focus on outcomes, not just effort. Great things get done by bringing together creative, technically astute people in an environment for them to deliver. Embrace unknowns. Be strong, as change will push you. Be curious, for change is uncertain. Be a visionary.

Failure does not stunt progress. Be open to learning from each experience, good or bad. Confront the bad by helping people acknowledge and grow from failures. Seek to understand root causes. Plan for progress and grow from each experience.

Personal growth. Change your perception about your work, your value, and where you fit in.

Communicate with transparency. Share context on why decisions are made. Talk directly, honestly, and constructively. Surface problems, ask for help, and talk about what you need to be successful. Create room for honesty without retaliation

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