Automatic (by Sirius XM)

101 - 250 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Exited (acquired)

We're a platform for smartcar apps. Apps on our platform allow drivers to diagnose engine problems without a mechanic, use enhanced security features, detect crashes automatically, and get roadside assistance.

Why join us?

  • Large Market — There are 260M vehicles on the road. We're bringing connectivity and connected services to all of them.

  • Positive Impact — We save lives. We have testimonials from customers who've been in accidents, unable to call 911, and our chip determined that there'd been a crash, that it was severe, and autonomously dispatched emergency services to that location.

  • Fight Global Warming — We have the potential to dramatically reduce emissions through tech that helps maintain engine health and efficiency. We've also built the first digital smog check, so that you can smog check from your driveway, instead of having to come to the DMV.

Engineering at Automatic (by Sirius XM)

Technical Challenges
  • Making the hardware invisible to the user: plug-and-drive technology.
  • Accurate crash detection
  • Location as a service: accurate location porting

  • Making our platform work for all vehicles, dating back to 1994.

  • We've built a custom 7x7mm chip: dealing w/ all the integration, talking to the vehicle, and supporting automotive-grade functionality

  • We've put that chip into a product that contains all the pieces that a cell phone contains at a bout 1/3 the size.

Tech stack
Objective C

Working at Automatic (by Sirius XM)

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food
  • Flexible Hours
  • Pet Friendly
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
  • Travel
Our Team by the Numbers

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