Avail Medsystems, Inc.

11 - 25 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

We provide a teleconferencing solution for the medical industry. Our hardware device is installed inside operating theatres across the country, allowing remote medical experts to virtually assist surgeries.

Why join us?
  • Join an early stage team. Have your say. Make an impact. Build a product from scratch.

  • Incredible demand from all stakeholders in the industry - we can't manufacture units as quickly as we can sell them.

  • Have social impact - our technology is poised to improve surgical outcomes and lower procedure costs for patients.

Engineering at Avail Medsystems, Inc.
Engineering team and processes

We have separate software and hardware verticals, the Directors of which report to the VPE.

Our software team is broken into project/stack verticals, each of which has a technical/team lead who reports to our Director of Software Engineering. ICs report to a team lead.

We don't believe in process for processes' sake, and generally prefer to run lean on the project tools. We're fully bought into GitLab at present, we use them not just for basic Git tasks, but also for CI, and for project management as well (via Issues).

Work scopes are typically agreed upon as a project team (e.g. - the iOS team as a whole plus our Director); teams then break off and do their work (whether new features, refactoring, or bug fixes) in branches; we then suck everything in as a pull/merge request and do our code review asynchronously, with the relevant team members commenting on the diff. Once everybody's happy, we merge. (You should be able to cut a build from Master at any point and know it's been tested and works.)

We're not explicitly an Agile shop of any kind, but we do like to sync up Mondays to close out any pending issues from the previous week's work, give status updates on ongoing sprints, and kick off new ones. We typically like to bite off just a couple features at a time to keep sprints into one or two week buckets. It's not a hard rule; we're flexible with makes sense for each team or project.

Technical Challenges

We operate in a no-failure environment, as patients' well-being is literally on the table. We're big on testing and quality-over-speed processes.

Projects you might work on
  • iOS app - Remote surgical support via teleconferencing

  • Enterprise Web Portal - Billing, inventory management, user data, recorded case videos...

  • API / Backend - Effectively negotiate WebRTC connections for clients, provide firewall traversal, securely store medical data, provide REST endpoints for various clients...

  • Web-based calling - remote video support and device control in the browser

  • macOS desktop applications/daemons - our in-OR machine is built around a Mac mini

  • Issues of scale - we anticipate being inundated in terabytes upon terabytes of high resolution imagery and video files; store it cost-effectively in a high-accessibility environment while keeping up with security/privacy requirements

Tech stack
AWS Lambda

Working at Avail Medsystems, Inc.

We're data driven and milestone oriented. We're not concerned with when or how you work, as long as you're a team player and you can deliver. We like to borrow Netflix's line of freedom and responsibility - we expect you to be a self-starter; we expect teams to find and prioritize their projects. We're not big on ego, and have a strict no-jerk policy.

Generally, we're a fairly easy-going group. We're not party animals, but neither are we corporate drones. We enjoy spending time together as a group - typically we all eat lunch together at least a few days per week, and past out-of-work events have included Friday barbecues at our homes.

Free Food

We have an open cafeteria on-site.

Health Insurance

We cover 95% of your medical/dental/vision costs, and 75% of your dependents. You can pick from a bunch of different plans through TriNet, our HR provider. Off the top of my head, this includes things like Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanante, Delta, Guardian, VSP, Aetna... some others.

Beautiful Office

We're located inside Playground Global, in Palo Alto. Among other things, we have a full cafeteria, fully stocked mini-kitchens with snacks and drinks, about a dozen kinds of fancy coffee machines that I don't understand how to operate. Vintage video games are all over the place (we have Pole Position, Joust and Ms. Pac-Man right behind our desks). There are hardware labs, 3D printing rooms, and a whole bunch of other geek spaces around.

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