Mid Level Full Stack Engineer

New York, NY, United States, Remote • $90k - $140k • 0.2% - 0.4%


Role Locations

  • New York, NY, United States
  • Remote


  • $90k - $140k
  • 0.2% - 0.4%


11 - 25 people


15 Metrotech Ctr # 19
Brooklyn, NY, 11201-3818, US

Tech Stack

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Java
  • Python
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kubernetes
  • ThreeJs

Role Description

Avvir is solving some of the toughest problems in construction by providing detailed, reliable analytics of progress and quality for large construction projects. We are looking software developers to join our highly collaborative team.

Are you...

A self starter who loves to learn, mentor, and work collaboratively? Excited about pair programming and TDD? Eager to solve hard problems? Interested in having a say in the product you are building? If so, then Avvir may be the right fit for you. You'll be creating interactive 3D graphics tools, 3D geometry and image analysis, reporting workflows, and third party integrations.


1) Work closely and often pair with other developers to build the product.

2) Promote practices and patterns that improve our ability to deliver value.

3) Collaborate with product and design team to find the best path for delivering value. We are relentlessly focused on creating a great service. On a balanced team, everyone is responsible for respecting the expertise of others, but also sharing their expertise and contributing to the direction of the product.

How we work:

We keep tasks small and purpose focused with clear acceptance criteria so we can better manage and understand risks. We test-drive our code so that it’s easy to understand and change. We pair up about 15 hours/week to facilitate learning, to write better code, and to reduce knowledge siloing. Also, it’s fun!

We are always working on improving the way that we work, and every week we reflect and consider ways we could be doing things better.

Interview Process:

1) 20 minute phone call to find out about your background

2) On-site interview (4 hrs): including a 1 hour pairing exercise, a software design exercise, and a meet and greet.

Requirements The ideal candidate has a strong background in graphics and geometry. They know how to build systems that can be easily understood, grown, and changed. They are comfortable picking up new technologies and get excited about creating a great product that delivers value to customers and to the business. They can think systematically, evaluate risk, and solve problems quickly. They can break down problems, communicate well, and empathize with users.

REQUIREMENTS: This is a full time position ideal for someone with 2 - 6 years of experience.

Development experience with some of the following : Javascript/React/ThreeJS, Java/Spring, Python, PostgreSQL

Other things we’re looking for: A background in game development, machine learning, algorithm development, or computer vision.

Benefits At Avvir we believe in providing benefits that not only match our Avvir values (Decency, Passion for the Work, Personal Life Matters, and Outcome over Effort ) but that enhance the lives of our team members. We have a generous vacation policy, great health insurance plans, flexible work arrangements, and equity options.

We also offer a meaningful place to put your talents to work, expanding your job skills, and the ability to be a part of fundamentally changing the way construction is done. Plus you will get to work with some awesome people.

About Avvir

Avvir is out to change the way we interact with the built environment. We create and continuously update a digital replica of buildings that serve as the building's system of record. We do this by comparing the 3D design models (known as BIMs) that are created at the outset of a building's construction to laser scans of the ever changing reality. During construction this enables stakeholders to identify construction errors and monitor progress in real time. And once a building is occupied, we enable that digital twin to serve as a platform for the internet of things, integrating data from hundreds of connected sensors in a common data environment.

Company Culture

We believe your job should enrich your life, not take it over. We believe in working smart over working hard (though hard work isn’t bad.) We believe you can only be truly successful when you are fulfilled and empowered; your work should fulfill you and colleagues should empower one another. And we believe in being decent, to one another, and in general.

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