Bazze and Company, Inc.

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$1M - $2M Funding
Pre-Series A

Founded in 2018, Bazze and Company is based in San Francisco's Mission District and has two people, Jason Haas & Sammy Semwangu. We are a bootstrapped startup with $2M+ in annual sales and will hire 2-3 engineers in the coming months.

Bazze partners with U.S. and European governments to solve their hardest foreign policy challenges. Our API and web application products transform how these institutions acquire and use publicly available information to understand the spread of COVID-19, protect U.S. personnel overseas, and more.

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  • We are profitable — we had 2M in sales this year and are growing

  • We are mission focused — our customers are trying to solve hard problems, and so they are interesting people who you enjoy spending time with

  • We are adults — we've been around the block before so, we know that we don't know everything and that life is complicated

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Working at Bazze and Company, Inc.

Sammy and Jason believe government can be a force for good, and technology companies can play a meaningful role in supporting government to that end. They also believe that Bazze needs to be a diverse and inclusive company to achieve long-term success. With 10+ years each working in startups, large companies, and government, Sammy & Jason value maturity, thoroughness, and communication over "move fast and break things.” And, they are excited to create a workplace that inspires and develops its team members both personally and professionally.

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We have an amazing office in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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